Friday, 28th October, 2022

Well I’ve been having “fun” with film developing the past two days. Can’t really explain what happened yesterday but the roll came out with regularly space black vertical bars on it. Virtually the same size as the shutter join, and most of what I could find online was telling me it was a shutter issue.

Today I got my colour rolls back from the lab. All perfect, and they were taken after the roll of B&W. I then developed another roll of B&W tonight and it was perfect too. Which is great, as it means the camera is working just fine. I spent some time today looking at various film camera repairs (this information is in fact something that I should definitely put in the wiki!) and pricing up a CLA/service. Good news that I don’t need one, although I think I might do one in the new year once the holidays are over. We’re having a Halloween kids party tomorrow and I was wanting to use the camera for that, so good on that front too.

I think the shutter was the issue but I think that there was some debris in the camera that was causing it to stick somehow. Then when I changed roll it got cleared out. Unless it was development but can’t think how the banding would occur. Maybe my rage of spending 45 minutes trying to get the film to load on to the reel, only to then realise it’s missing the ball bearings, irradiated the film and causing the banding!

Been thinking of an excuse to use Jupyter book, and thinking that it could be a nice online notebook/lab book. Maybe for writing up monthly summaries, or key information I want to save in an easily accessible way? The wiki is that but maybe things I want to save but refer to often? I’ll give it a shot and see how we get on. It’s a static generator so what’s not to love 😅

Swapped my Fiio Q DAC to USB 2.0 and that seems to have fixed it from disconnecting whenever the computer slept - which was so annoying. Only took me several months to do this.

I enjoyed this video about the new M6.

I did spend a while considering another camera if I was going to be sending my camera off for service. Most of these places have older repair men who’ve been doing this for multiple decades and they work to produce quality, not quanity. Which is exactly what you want, but it does mean that schedules are more of an indication vs. an actual target! With christmas coming up I was worried I wouldn’t have my camera for it. I had a fun ride looking at M3/4/5/6/MP/new M6! Maybe.

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