Thursday, 18th August, 2022

RavynOS looks interesting. A bit like an open source macOS, as it’s built on FreeBSD instead of Linux, and using a theme that copies macOS. It’ll not be as seamless but a decent job. I used to run FreeBSD on my server for a long time and loved it. I moved back to Linux as I wanted some specific application that was too hard to get working on FreeBSD…I can’t even remember what it was. I’d be tempted to run FreeBSD again one day if I rebuilt my home server. Anyway, I’m glad someone is doing this. FreeBSD does make for a nice OS as it’s all built together and just works. Now I want to buy some old laptop to install it or even OpenBSD on…oh what a rabbit hole (that a periodically visit).

More macOS stuff…a cool CSS theme based on old mac OS: system.css.

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