Saturday, 11th June, 2022

Thinking about Leica M10(-P) again. They’re still expensive as hell. The weather is pleasant today, but there’s quite a wind. I thought I’d sit outside and write somewhat but the wind is a bit too chilly. Plus I’ve only mowed half the lawn and it’s hard to look at the rest without it nagging me for a trim.

My phone and iPad seem very slow to retrieve websites whilst on the wifi. Not sure if it’s DNS or the wifi itself. I did a dig on the pi-hole and it returned the address in 46 ms, so I don’t think it’s that. Maybe I just need to power cycle everything? I don’t notice it on other devices as they’re all wired but perhaps I can test it out on a laptop. My wife hasn’t said anything, so somehow just my devices? :/

I remember deliberating for a long time over a film Leica. Best part of a year I was on and off about getting one. Some models (M6) shot up in price over that time, but luckily the M2 stayed about the same…which was the one I wanted, or a M4, but I like my M2 now. When I did finally buy it, it was a little bit of a heat of the moment purchase (even though I’d been thinking about it for a year), as one appeared on a website and was a little cheaper than normal and looked in excellent condition.

The next month or so I was really stressed about buying it, and considered sending it back or selling it on. “How could I spend so much on this box!” It certainly took until I got my first roll of film back before I started to come to accept it. Now I’ll never sell it and keep it forever. The M10 is not quite the same, being digital, but I suspect I’d go through the same thought process. The M10 is quite a lot more than the M2 was though.

I’m pretty much like this about buying anything. The past 5 years I’ve been “upgrading my computer”. Only a few months ago did I actually do it.

Maybe reading this will help me. thanks Jack…😅

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