Saturday, 18th June, 2022

Trying to setup my main site in Tiddlywiki. Generally it’s nice. Adding new content is so easy, and it does look quite nice out of the box. I’m still not sure about blogging with it. Tagging should be good but I can never decide if I’m doing a few high level category style tags or go all in with multiple ones. I lean towards a few high level categories, i.e. target one tag or maybe two per post. The only other thing is that bringing in old blog posts. The tiddlers have a creation date of when I make them, and tiddlywiki isn’t suited to editing these. It’s better to make a new property to assign a post date. This is what I did, but then that means I need to do that for every post I write.

Maybe not too bad, as I might take a day or two before I finish a post - although who cares if it’s out by one or two days. Tbh this isn’t a bad thing, but just looks a bit weird if there are lots of posts on one day. I suppose I could always just migrate old posts across one a day. Anyway, I’ve gone for the properties route. I use it for adding a one line summary to put into the Blog archives list.

I feel this is a half way house to a full static blog, vs. Wordpress. I hope it’s a good compromise, and encourages me to add to it. Particularly as it’ll end up being my main wiki too. I should get it in order (it’s pretty close) and then just move the domain.

eBay has a 80% sellers fees discount promo at the moment, could be a good time to sell the X-T2 and upgrade it to the X-T3. It does add a few things over the 2, although is it worth the extra? Tricky to say. I do like the extra jpeg colour adjustment settings it provides in camera. Maybe I’ll list mine and see what happens.

Daughter had a theatre club performance today which we got to go to - finally! It was more like watching a class vs. a show they put on. It was good fun. I took some photos and even a video of her singing. Not looked at it yet to see if it’s terrible or not. The 50mm was an ideal lens - a bit of reach but not too tight and the f/2 was good inside. Getting the right exposure was tricky and I think the videos will be bad. The dark surroundings and then the spotlights on their heads made it hard. Particularly as our daughter has blonde hair and was in the second row. Her head is very over-exposed. However, I didn’t have time to be fiddling around trying to sort that out,so see if I can fix it in post.

Using the camera to video vs. a phone was nice as I’d turned off the back screen so I could only look through the viewfinder. This meant I just held the camera but actually watched with my own eyes, not via the screen! Just occasionally checking that I had the framing right. Not quite sure what the protocol is, but no-one said anything or they didn’t notice. Perhaps they might if next time I come with an external mic and a f/2.8 zoom! (Not that I own any).

It reminded me that I like taking videos and we don’t have that many. We do take some with our phones but they’re not that interesting. I mean multiple videos that then get assembled together into the “we went to the beach” clip. I used to do it more, particularly when I got the GoPro. It took ages to make a short video. Easy to make a really long one, but no-one would watch it so trying to make it short and sweet was the hard part. It takes even longer than processing photos. I still have the GoPro but the battery doesn’t last that long. Maybe I should sell that. I was keeping it for the kids to play with but they’re rather have the phone or ipad as then they get to see it instantly. Heck, maybe I should just use the phone and then make a little clip with iMovie and export it to the server. I have a home movies plex library so we can watch them on the TV and family can see them too (also there’s the Apple Photo Stream for family).

Anyway, the audio visual combo you get with videos really captures the children, much more so than compared to photos. However, the physical manifestation of videos later is harder to do - and therefore they don’t really get looked at. At least photos on the fridge, or wall, or photo book get looked at again. I guess they’re on my computer, for when everyone has left home and I’m reminiscing.

Been curious about Joplin. I’m still undecided on personal, private notes. The Hobonichi seems like a good spot, particularly as it’s small and I can bring it most places. Just wondering about longer term info that I want. Whilst looking at Joplin (as I was wanting a note taking app that is on all devices and syncs and ideally is self-hosted), I remembered I’d setup 1Writer with WebDAV on my server. Last entry was 4th January 2022. I’d written in it about something to remember for next Christmas/new year. Now the question is how is writing that there going to be useful. Really I should write it in December 2022’s page or something, or if I’m in Logseq then add a link to a future date. Or make a new textfile called “Things to remember” or something. All this just reinforces the point that the app or writing daily notes is only half the battle. The other part is then being organised with it such that I can find useful things later.

I recall around late December talking about setting this 1Writer and WebDAV up. Thinking that a file for daily journal, a file for annual summary and maybe something else was the way to go. So one file for the daily unload, one for the highlights of that day, and then one for future reference or reminders to myself or something. Maybe with some headers, like people or places or events.

Whilst the 1Writer thing is nice, I use 1Writer for this site and so using it for something else means navigating away from the folder structure, and so a hassle. This can’t be write as people must use it for multiple things. Maybe I’ll look into that and see what others do. Anyway, the dedicated nature of a app for certain tasks is another reason why I’m liking the idea of Joplin. My simple iPad setup pretty much has one app per situation and maybe I should continue that. I’m not very good on the computer as there’s unlimited “apps” (the browser plus stuff) for everything, and so I do nothing. Now when I sit with the iPad (again outside in the garden with a nice cup of tea ☕️), I open up DayOne and write in the family journal about what we all did today, and things the kids did etc.

Joplin is free, and open source, so it’s not like it’s hard to use it. I’ll add it to my list of computer admin I have to do.

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