Wednesday, 30th November, 2022

The internal (eternal?) struggle of cameras continues. Mail strikes means I can’t post anything until Friday, which is good and bad. The M10 is packed up and ready to go. I fretted about the letter I put inside as I didn’t specifically call out the delivery date and the 14 day period is from that, and the purchase date was about 5 days before hand. It’s easy to fix, I just add a note to the letter I wrote, yet I still tossed and turned in bed thinking about it.

It’s on track to be sent back and unless I change my mind, my brief ownership of a digital M has ended. I think it boils down to: (a) value and cost. I get just as good photos from my fraction of the price fuji and lenses - I just can’t justify it to myself. (b) when I use film, I love it, and I should be removing barriers to using film more, not adding them.

On the cost side, I also realised I’m being hypocritical to myself. I silently cast judgement about my parents spending habits, after hearing how they want to pay off their mortgage and stop working, yet they buy expensive (and to me unnecessary) things. I, too, would like to pay off my mortgage and stop having the requirement to work, and then here I am buying expensive and frankly unnecessary things. Everyone is free to do what makes them happy. Turns out a M10P did not make me happy.

What would make me happy was if I could judge the lighting in a situation without needing a lightmeter.

Even if you’re not, or ever going to be, a CTO this list is interesting.

Found another bottomless pit of interesting reading in these financial/life journals.

Started watching this mini-series on the BBC of Russia 1985-1999, “Living through the end of communism”. Just seeing life then is eye opening. Also the Russians trained dolphins to attack underwater with deadly spikes 😵‍💫

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