Friday, 18th November, 2022

Started thinking about 2023’s goals and what I want to do. Mostly as I think everything I used to do has fallen apart and I don’t do anything. Mostly it’s me not sticking to stuff but there is an element of not having something to help me do it. I do this every time, and get sucked into software and tooling. I’d like to build a custom app to manage it, which would be fun, but not really the point. It makes me want to find a product that I just as is and don’t even have to manage self hosting.

So I come back to dynalist. I really like the app and you get a lot of functionality for free, plus if I do want it they usually have a Black Friday sale on the pro subscription. I started digging into the forums (which are very sadly quiet given the focus on Obsidian) and realised that task stuff in it is quite clunky. It has good functionality but I think more for projects vs. Daily habits. I do still use dynalist for a small selection of lists, like wish list etc.

One app I’ve used previously is tick tick. It’s a todo app but it’s quite extensive in features. Lots of lists and lots of dimensionality with metadata. I might kick start using that again as I think a todo app with list functionality is better than a list app with todo functionality.

No doubt things will end the same way as they always do. As in I start well but then it all falls apart. I think limiting my computer time will be a big improvement. My wife tells me she’s read 51 books so far this year. Not really sure how many I have read as I don’t know where I’ve been keeping my book list. Seems to have got lost in the blog migration. I think a dedicated books subdomain would be useful.

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