Monday, 4th July, 2022

We’re into July and so my half year, “avec” Hobonichi is now live. I’ve written one line in it and I don’t like what I’ve written already. I’ts a really great tool, but I’m not sure how I’m using it. I know I should just write whatever in it whenever but that feels too messy. However, we all know perfect is the enemy of good. Maybe I can track my thoughts of buying (or not) a Leica camera 😅. Then tally them up and see which one wins over the course of the rest of the year!

I didn’t realise the last episode of Stranger Things was 2.5 hours! Not sure when I’m going to watch that.

Posted off four rolls of Kodak ColorPlus 200 this morning. Look forward to seeing those and remembering what I even took photos off in a week or so.

Re-read our youngest’s playgroup “report” just now as tidying things up. Was overcome with a sense of …not nostalgia…but the feeling of time slipping away. Plus some nostalgia for the past year…if you can have that for a time so recent. Another school year done and everyone getting older. It seems like just the other day the boys were at playgroup. I remember thinking it was so good that they moved to nursery for longer hours. Life is so simple for little ones. It’s physically tiring as a parent but problems are small and quick to overcome. Just another parent “they grow up so quick” moment. 🥹

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