Sunday, 16th October, 2022

Setting up (slowly) my new server and I’m pleased that it idles at 7.5 W. This is versus the old one of 55 W. Admittedly there aren’t any hard drives in it yet, and that’s still something I’m debating about. Ideally I’d have one SSD as that would be lower powered than a mechanical drive. Does make it a bit pricy depending on what size I need. I deleted a whole load of stuff from my storage and it’s about 5.3 TB. Not all of it I’d need to have constantly accessible and so I could leave it on the array. I’m hoping for some sales which will help decide. I’m also sure I could tweak another watt or two with some cpu power management if I really tried.

The 50mm f2 I sold supposedly has the wrong lens cap. The only thing I can think of is that I swapped the 35 and the 50 around at some stage. Although I sold the 35mm a while ago. I didn’t really notice that it didn’t fit, although I only keep the cap on whilst it’s on the shelf and then just use the hood for protection whilst on the camera. The buyer claims it doesn’t fit whatsoever, but seems nice about it. I should probably just refund him £10 or something and let him buy a replacement. Anyway, he’s sending it back to me for me to look and swap back.

Took the Fuji out today with the 35 1.4. Probably best as it was raining on and off. Missed a good shot of this lady going for a swim in the loch. I took a picture of her but not the right angle with the hills in the background. It was raining, about 8°C and it’s a lake in autumn. She was in a bikini and had a Celtic tattoo on her back. Would’ve been a good Scotland promo photo😅

I also don’t want to use up all my film in the first two days.

I’m already nervous for developing the film myself when I get back. It’s quite straightforward but what if I mess it up and the photos are gone? I doesn’t really matter but I guess that’s another good reason for taking digital as well. Would be handy and simpler if I did have a digital M…although I like autofocus for when we’re out and about and busy with everyone. The moments are quick and the light always isn’t enough for f/8-16.

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