Friday, 4th November, 2022

I still want to have an easy-mode Wordpress site that’s more photo based than my blot blog. But then I still don’t like it. Images aren’t that hard on blot but Wordpress does make nice galleries and auto do lots of things with pictures.

However, there’s nothing stopping me from having MORE blogs (although I don’t like that either).

The effort usually isn’t in the writing or sorting out images, it’s in starting. Once I start I’m not bothered about editing an image, resizing, or compressing it, and it doesn’t take that long.

I’d thought about doing a monthly write up for October, which I consider each end of month but then a few weeks go by and the month is too far away to remember. I could do it on my main site. I often wonder about sharing more information online. Why? Well I’ve seen some sites where people share almost everything about themselves and it is interesting but there’s still probably some balance. I enjoy personal finances and find it interesting to see what other people spend on stuff. I’ve thought about summarising that for me online. Partially to make me do it for myself. If I have this imaginary audience holding me accountable then I do it, vs. the once or twice a year I’ll have a look. However, that feels like a bit too much information.

I should setup a RSS feed reader server to keep places I find. Don’t need to necessarily always read them but a good place to store them and my preferred way vs. a bookmark service.

I keep forgetting that I have two Oracle free VPSs. They’re decently spec’d as ARM processors, and therefore you get loads of RAM and SSD for free? Anyway, as long as the package is in the repo it runs great. So a LEMP server it should be? There’s a risk they bin the free tier but so what if they do.

Installed Ghost, it’s nice but wondering if I’d prefer Wordpress instead…? Also thinking of making a super all in blog, vs. having separate ones. I’d still keep this one, but rather than having a photos one and another one, just have one.

Also thinking of doing more journal posts, with photos of things we’ve been doing. Mostly for myself to look at easily vs. browsing through folders of photos. Can add some commentary. Although now it’s starting to creep into DayOne journal space and I don’t want more stuff to have to write in. Maybe it should just replace my Photo album site with this instead, space for a few comments but not much. Not sure about EXIF but doesn’t really matter, can always just write in what it is myself.

This is neat

If I buy a Ricoh GR3, I think I’d go for the x as I do have a ~28mm on my phone which I always have.

Uploading photos via is painful. Always seems to drop 1-3 photos, which then takes ages to figure out what is missing. Also if I upload to a new album, it will upload all the photos but not all of them will be added to the album 🙄 if you go to recents then they’re all there and you can drag them to the album but it’s annoying. Puts me off going into iCloud without a mac desktop machine. I keep meaning to try the iPad but never get to it…maybe I’ll try now…

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