Monday, 18th July, 2022

Our holiday is drawing to a close. I have managed not to buy any domains, so that’s a plus on previous years! I spent a silly amount of time reading and thinking about new cameras, I haven’t made any decisions, I have a shortlist of potentials but we also started getting quotes for some house work and probably I’m better waiting until that’s all done as no doubt everything will end up being more expensive than planned.

I’ve been using the X100V for about 2 weeks and, as expected, it’s a great holiday camera. Feels small and light strung across my body, I’ve taken it everywhere, not really wanted for a different focal length. Had fun tinkering with the jpeg colours, used the 4 stop ND filter, battery life has been great. Never use the OVF, and that always seems like a waste. With my 100F I did very occasionally use it when I wanted to conserve battery if I’d forgotten to charge it before going out. 🪫 Like I’ve said before - maybe I would’ve been better off getting it when I sold my F vs the X-T2, and now I don’t know if it’s really a good compliment. Anyway I won’t relive it all again.

Projects that I’m supposedly going to start:

  • Get my HAM radio licence
  • Script to compute best price for Lego sets from individual parts
  • Explore the MOC (my own creation) tools and designs out there.
  • Build a Lego town with the kids. (A cousin is coming to stay for a week. Might be a good thing with him, need to find a good place to set it up)

So I don’t think those are too excessive and unrealistic. Maybe all this time thinking about cameras has paid off in other ways! 😅

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