Tuesday, 18th October, 2022

Some buyers remorse is now setting in. The “can I even tell the difference” factor. Also is it sucking me down the ever more expensive M mount route! 😅

Was using the lux today at the coast and was taking several shots of the distance. I think this is the first time focusing to infinity on it, I have only taken two rolls of films so far. I can see that at infinity the rangefinder patch doesn’t exactly overlay the viewfinder - like it does on my CV 35mm. Now maybe it makes no difference whatsoever, and the lens still focuses just fine to infinity. I suppose that would be okay (even though this was still very expensive) but how do I know that it’s focusing correctly at all the other distances between 0.7 m and infinity… Unfortunately with only using film, then not as easily. Now that I’ve noticed this, I’m paying more attention to it and I also noticed that at the close focus, 0.7m, there’s a small amount of focus throw left past 0.7m even though the rangefinder window has already stopped. Now maybe that’s just due to my camera’s minimum focus of 0.7m, and checking with a friend that sounds like the norm.

I did mount it on the Fuji using the M-X adapter and found that at infinity it would go past being in focus and be blurry. True in focus at infinity was a few millimetres shy of the end stop. Doesn’t sound like much but when you have a rangefinder patch that doesn’t line up, how are you supposed to focus the thing? I guess I should try and test other distances to see if it’s in focus but that doesn’t necessarily help with the film M as I’m still relying on the patch.

I’ve contacted the store and will see what they say. Technically I’m within the return window but, as a small independent, I’m sure they’re not keen to just take it back without challenge. They might offer to look at it and fix it or something which depending on what they say I could take them up on it. However, I’m not sure I can be convinced and mostly hoping they’ll be okay with a refund.

If that does turn out to be the case, then the next question will be - do I get another? I suppose I’ll wait and see what the photos turn out like (assuming no glaring focus issue other than perhaps at infinity - if I can even tell on film). The long term plan is to get a digital M, and whilst I might get away with the lens not perfect all the time on film, I don’t think that will work as well on digital.

It’s just annoying and a chore. 😩

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