Monday, 25th July, 2022

I still got sucked into looking at random cameras. The most random was the Pentax Q. Has an absolutely tiny sensor, but does have an interesting range of equally tiny lenses. The whole thing is tiny, which is partially why I was looking at it. However, why do I need this? A camera I take everywhere to do what? Take pictures of randoms I don’t care about?

I then managed to remember I’m supposed to be trying to get into amateur radio, so started reading about it. The foundation licence seems fairly easy to get. I’ll need to do some studying, and I signed up to a free online course - which is not classroom based but is scheduled at specific times, not sure I understand why - but the time element should help me focus on it. Although it doesn’t start until 7th August.

Before the holidays I was all set on ordering a Concept 2 rowing machine. However, the delivery timing was too close when we were leaving so I put it off. Now that I’m back I’m hesitant about doing it. I worry it’ll be another one of my “this purchase will solve my issue” and then I do nothing. There’s a gym at work which I can use for free…so why not use it? I miss working at home.

Maybe I should revalitalise my Flickr account…

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