Wednesday, 25th May, 2022

Went for a walk at lunchtime. Was lovely and sunny when I left, then it absolutely poured with rain and I got soaked. Tried drying my shirt in the hand-dryer at work but no good. It’s now lovely and sunny again. 🥺🌞

Thinking about printing all these entries into a book - my web journal. Mostly so I go back and read them one day. They’re all markdown in this site, although I do have some in Tiddlywiki I’ve not migrated across, but those are JSON structured files (or can be). I think this is just figuring out a layout and CSS and then using something like pandoc to create a pdf or epub and finding a website to print it. I could even just export to DayOne formatted JSON and get them to print it! Although that’s probably a bit expensive.

It’s hard not to want to buy little trinkets to sit at my writing area. Really they should be things I’ve acquired from distant relatives, or a trip somewhere interesting, or has a funny story behind it. Not some junk from Amazon, or eBay, or Etsy.

I hate to admit it, but last night I did some work at home. Managed to get some item that’s been dragging a long time out of the way which was satisfying. It’s just not satisfying to be doing work after hours. But being productive is good, right? I say this as now I’m tempted to do something else work related.

I’ve just noticed that as I sit in the office, the background noises consist of birds outside, the occasional person or car going by, and by far the loudest of the lot, the hard drives in the server doing various reads or writes or whatever they’re doing. Little chirps and burrs coming from under the table. Like the snoring of a slumbering beast. Occasionally it’ll turn over and there’ll be a sudden garumpff of hard drive writing and an unknown job kicks into action and decides it needs to write a bunch of data. Most like my friend’s server deciding to synchronise some unimportant data between our machines.

Searching my password database led me to remember this blogging site.

Bought the Hobonichi July-Dec half book in A6, and a few stickers and tape from Suteki stickers. Gets posted out 20th June. It was a bit pricey but people seem to like them and the half book is…half the price… so will be a good starter to see if I like it. I should’ve got the full one for Christmas but I decided to go with the Rocketbook - the wipe clean, scan it, OCR, thing - which I’m afraid to say I’ve never used yet. Oops.

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