Sunday, 25th December, 2022

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏻

Interested in this mastodon lite thing. I’m wondering if I want to use mastodon more, as a general chatter site? I’d actually like to skip my Blog and use mastodon and keep this site…is that possible? Maybe that’s a better option? I’ve managed to add to this site pretty much every day for ages, and I like the text only style of it as a sort of journal. Pretty much most things I think about, I’m fine with publishing, and those that I’m not I have a text file on simplenotes. I struggle much more with writing a joined up blog post about something. I still have it in my head that it needs to be a 3,000 word essay or it’s not worth posting.

I noticed I joined Fosstodon in July 2020, but my first post is today’s! I don’t check social media and maybe I shouldn’t start…

I just like somewhere which makes posting images easy.

On second thoughts, I don’t want to maintain my own mastodon related service. Or posting to Mastodon.

No one bought me a Hobonichi for Christmas, so I ordered one for myself. They were selling on Amazon from the Hobonichi store for not too much, and so it means it arrives on Tuesday. It’s very expensive for a notebook but I really like the style.

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