Monday, 26th September, 2022

What am I like?

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for

I bought (although not technically due to a website issue) a Panasonic GX9 last night.

Why? ❓

I was watching some videos by Steve O’Nions (which I now notice is Steve Onions 🧅), and found myself agreeing with him on a lot of things:

  • Getting bored quickly with the same thing, so wanting variety
  • Finding older cameras more appealing - either film or older digital models
  • Micro four thirds sensors are perfectly adequate for printing huge photos
  • Loving film

He also seems like a genuine individual who is just taking you along with him on his photographic adventures. He’s not trying to get subscribers or sell stuff, he just wants to capture the trips and thoughts he has about photography. The photography is first, the vlog is second. I bet he likes going back and looking at his older videos of things he’s done to remember what he was thinking and doing. I think because of this, his views carry a lot more weight.

Speaking of weight, he really likes small 35mm cameras for going on walks. He talks about how the perfection of the image doesn’t matter (megapixels, sharpness etc) but the composition and lighting is key, and, as we all know, many great photographs come on grainy film from soft, imperfect lenses of old.

He also describes the numerous times he’s sold off gear, only to then re-buy them later on as he regrets selling them.

Ah yes, all sounds familiar 😅

If I’m being honest, it’s being bored that’s the biggest driver. There’s a little bit of wanting to get a fast telephoto lens that not gigantic. e.g. Fuji 50-140 f/2.8 is 1kg, Lumix 35-100 f/2.8 is 360g. The Fuji 100-400 is 1.4kg, the Leica 50-200 is 700g.

I’m also feeling jaded from the film simulations. I used to love them, but I think now that I’ve used film a lot more I find the simulations a poor substitute. It’s a fine balance as I do like nice colours, and contrast but done wrong makes it look like a stupid instagram filter. I do like not having to post-process images but I pretty much converge on just two simulations - a colour one and a black and white one. I want digital to be automatic for me, so I want it to expose and focus well. The fuji focuses just fine (although I’ve never used continuous focus on anything and my old Nikon D40 used to focus well…).

It is slightly unfortunate I only recently bought the X-E4. I’m not sure if I’m going to sell it. Long term I don’t think APS-C plus MFT makes a good combination. Most likely a full frame is a better companion. Although why do I need full frame? I have 35mm film 😉 If I did have an APS-C to complement it then the Ricoh GR series is the one that stands out, otherwise everything else is all the same. Maybe I keep the X-E4 to change things up, although maybe I go and find a X-E2 or X-Pro1 to shake things up.

I do find I like older digital cameras. I want the specs and numbers and features when I read or plan new cameras but when I get them in my hand, I don’t actually care that much. Often using only a fraction of the functions and enjoying the handling of it much more.

Guess I should call the store and try and sort out the order…then pick a lens…or 6 😁

Mid-afternoon, the camera store messaged me saying they had an issue and suggested I re-order it as they’ve cancelled my order. Now I’m doubting myself over the decision. Don’t got to the internet in hope of having someone help you make the decision. There are infinite posts giving both sides.

I just worry that I’m only doing this as I want change not because something is wrong or missing. My favourite post was on a thread were someone was asking if they should “move up” from MFT but at the same time they loved the small lenses and fast apertures. The post suggested they get a Leica camera 😅 Full frame, small lenses, fast apertures, excellent images. But something about price, and autofocus…

😵 Maybe best to step away for a while.

Did some film development tonight…and it worked!! Waiting for my holder to scan but I might try a couple of frames tomorrow with my camera and some bits of black card or soemthing.

Returned the 18-55mm lens. Yes it’s great for videos due to OIS but it’s actually quite heavy and feels unbalanced on the X-E4, even with thumb grip. Maybe the front grip would help? But the frequency of shooting video is so low and I also dislike short length zooms. Yes it’s nice to go from 18 to 55mm but I don’t like that. Maybe it’s nice being able to zoom into the kids running around somewhere, and now I wonder if I do want it but I’ve already decided to send it back and just use the lenses I have. I’m actually thinking of selling the 50mm f/2. The fewer things I have the better.

Whilst I was reading up on negative inversion, I started watching some videos about the X-E4…to remind myself why I wanted it in the first place! I’m still undecided about it all. Film developing was such a hassle but such a joy when it works.

I’m still interested in the MFT, the primes are tiny and the zooms are so small, but it won’t be what I want, as there isn’t really something specific that I want. I’m better off getting a GRiii (probably x) as it’s so different, just it’s £900. There is a GRII on some forums for £430, maybe could get it for £400? Doesn’t have IBIS, doesn’t have xyz, only 28mm but half the price. I wondered if I could get a GRIIIx and use it as my only camera? Seems quite extreme, but all this turmoil I put myself through is not enjoyable.

I’m an idiot.

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