Wednesday, 16th November, 2022

The kitchen planner measured our room incorrectly and so the design doesn’t fit. I noticed when I came home from work and a new false ceiling was being built and it only left about 1.5 ft between it and the wall. This would be mirrored by the units on the ground and so it was way to close. Ugh. Lots of stress last night, and we both slept badly thinking about it. The kitchen company were quick to edit it and order the right parts, our joiner does have some rework (which I guess we’ll have to pay for) but was very helpful in figuring it out. It changes the design and makes it smaller, which is disappointing as we’d seen the 3D renders of it bigger. Also question is it going to be worth it? Well too late now anyway as the old kitchen is gone! Big bonus is still going to be the new window which will make it all a lot lighter. Just close my eyes to the price we’re paying for the reshuffling of new units.

I knew it would be fine, but doesn’t stop us worrying about it.

Made lots of jokes with people at work about how we didn’t do design reviews, and now changing the scope in construction. All classic project management errors.

I have an extremely first world problem. A project I was working on did well, and we all got a little bonus for it. After tax, it’s probably the best part of a M10…but I still can’t decide if I should buy one. Aside from someone giving me one, I’m not sure how much closer I can get to buying one. I swing between “this kitchen ain’t cheap, put it towards that”, “don’t let it disappear, get the M10”, “put it towards a M10-P/R 😈”. Ugh. Why can’t I decide anything…

Actually I know, it’s because I’m not sure if the M10 is worth the price tag, regardless of if I have money for it or not. Although I do read no end of comments on /r/leica on how people started with film and then got a M10 and loved the combo.

I was also surprised to find the Leica Mayfair store was actually quite reasonable in used prices, and some models even came with 2 year warranty!

</ridiculous problems>

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