Sunday, 18th December, 2022

Writing this via a tunnel to my server at home. Was very easy to setup, install vs code, run code tunnel, authenticate, and then go. For me writing in static blogs it’s overkill, especially as I can just connect to the github repos in by pressing . when viewing the repo. However, if I was doing something more interesting and needed virtual environments or other things installed this is useful. Or if I want to edit files on my machine that I don’t want saved online and I don’t want to use vim over SSH, for example, then this is a nice way.

Given there’s all the plugins and so on I’m sure there’s a lot more I could do.

Went through a roll of HP5 at 800 ISO today whilst we were sledging. Was an overcast day, so felt appropriate. Just wonder if all the bright snow was too much for 800. It did mean that I could shoot f/8 at 250 and pretty much just point and shoot.

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