Tuesday, 26th July, 2022

Went on a boat out at sea today. Took some sea sickness tablets before we left. You never know if they work or not, but I wasn’t sick so that’s always good. I do have a splitting headache now and my colleague, who also took them, said he does too. Least it’s not my profession. Took my camera with us. Everyone else went on about it and why not use my phone. I told them I like to do things properly. We all laughed and it was fine. Used the 18mm lens too, could’ve done with wider actually.

I really want this game.

I keep getting all these notifications from mpb.com for various used cameras that come in stock. I don’t want one.

I found a book on the shelves that I’d asked for Christmas which I’ve not read (there’s actually many of those but this one is fiction so different from the rest). I said I wish I had it on kindle to read in bed at night when my wife is asleep. You know what, maybe I should sit in a chair during the day and read it as my activity. I have a trip at the end of August across country on planes and trains. I should take it then and read it versus dicking about on my phone/iPad/laptop.

Is having a personal blog worth it for you?. Ask Hacker News. Found in that post, montaigne. Montaigne is a simple tool that allows you to publish any type of website from Apple Notes. 🤔

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