Thursday, 3rd February, 2022

Oh I’ve been neglecting this site. I’ve actually been really engaged and motivated at work, so not even used lunchtimes to write, and we’ve been watching the Witcher or playing Pokemon cards in the evening so no time there either. Has meant the family journal has been neglected too.

Not sure about the Witcher season 2. I think it doesn’t help that I’ve completely forgotten everything that happened in season 1. There’s just weird bits like how someone can escape when there’s 10 wizards and witches standing by and then just random monster things attack and that’s somehow part of the story?

I have been using tiddlywiki at lot at work and really enjoying it. I struggle with knowing how much to break things down into smaller tiddlers. I wrote a long note which had headings and I suppose I could’ve broken it down but I also like to keep it all together. I also don’t want tags of other tiddlers. I suppose it doesn’t matter but once I start getting too many then I find it annoying as it’s hard to see what I should pick. There’s always fields but I feel like they’re more effort than tags. Anyway I’m also trying not to make it too complicated. It has made me realise there’s value in tidying up and organising notes afterwards. I thought I had some stuff organised but I kept losing it, so might do a bit of organising tomorrow.

I’ve kept a OneNote at work in the past. It’s useful for keeping screenshots from Teams meetings and sharing with others. Not shared much in a while, but am wondering if I should be using OneNote instead of TW…But TW is a superior tool, plus I occasionally put in personal things to remember and can easily access it at home.

I’m liking the idea of having a M10. But it might just be the thrill of buying things that’s making me think this. I love it but film can be tiring, least for me it can be, and digital requires much less cognitive energy. But digital doesn’t spark joy, more like just the satisfaction at capturing some memories of that day for future us. I’m thinking (hoping?) that the digital rangefinder, with manual focus will bring the same joy as using film but with the benefits of digital. It would also be nice to share lenses between digital and film. Still a lot of money whichever way I persuade myself.

For a long time I wanted to write a technical blog to “show off” in case I wanted to change career to software engineering or data science. I’ve never managed to do it as I think that career change will never happen. I read an interesting thread on /r/datascience from some hiring managers who said they never look at personal blogs like that. Mostly as they don’t know if it’s legit or copied. Plus some other reasons, although later slightly contradicted themselves with suggesting someone finds a problem of interest and solves that and writes about it.

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