Thursday, 23rd June, 2022

Jack wrote an interesting post today.. I was going to comment on his blog with this, but then I thought it would fit nicer here. Mostly for my own benefit to look back at it later on, but also because it’s how I feel about it. As it’s how I feel, it might not be the right answer for you. Also remember when there was this thing of replying to people via your own site? 👨

So Jack…:

I think there’s a difference between posting on social media and posting on your own website. One is like shouting at every car that drives by, the other is writing in a book that you leave on your front lawn and let people read it if they want.

You can still write in your book but keep it inside the house, either letting no-one read it or only certain people. That’s fine too. But by writing it and keeping it outside gives the opportunity for connections of value. Someone else who is actively looking for an answer may come across your book and find out that you have thoughts and commentary about the topic that they’re looking to answer. You might not have THE answer but it could trigger a conversation that leads to helping someone else out. Or at the very least you end up having an interesting conversation with someone about something you’re interested in.

I think writing it publicly puts this imaginary reader in your head which then encourages you to keep writing. Doing it in a private file removes this person and so you may lose interest in writing. The only benefit in the writing is for you but the fact of being public makes you keep doing it and therefore increases you’re own benefit. And being on your own website you’re not actively intruding on others, you’re just working with the garage door open.

This is what I find. I’ve really (and still do) enjoyed the daily blog style posts. I enjoy them for myself and I’ve never written so much in a long time. I do imagine someone else reading them and I imagine someone coming to my site each day with an interest to see what’s there today, so this encourages me to write things, and I get the mental benefit from the act of writing things. In reality, figuratively or literally!, no-one could visit my site, but that doesn’t change what I think. Because I never know (and I won’t install analytics as that’ll ruin it 😅), and even if it’s zero today maybe someone new will come along. I want to write these content and making it public makes me write it.

Finally, it’s nice to see “normal” life content. Social media is not normal life.

Back to my life ramblings… turns out it’ll be about £2.5k net to switch from Fuji to Leica CL with some lenses - the 18mm f/2.8, the 35mm summilux and the 55-135mm APO. Sort of want the 60mm lens too but think the 55-135 will be more useful. I don’t normally like zoom lenses but I do occasionally use my 50-230mm on the Fuji. The Leica is shorter but it is faster…but has no stabilisation…Another thing is that I really like the 35 mm equivalent, so 23mm, focal length. There is one for the Leica, an f/2 which is also very compact, but it’s not got the allure of the summilux. I suppose I could switch it out with the 18mm. Thinking about it now that’s probably the better option. Just that it’s my go to lens on the Fuji for indoors and the f/1.4 is useful. It’s all feeling like a poor decision, but if I wait until 11pm when I’m tired then I might change my mind and just order it all 😁

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