Sunday, 12th June, 2022

Still thinking about the M10 option. Still seems a lot to spend though. I could wait…3 years…then it’ll be a little bit cheaper! Probably not, as it’s pretty much the sweet spot of most things, and is going to age well I think.

Busy day with the kids today. Did get a bit of quiet time to myself, but unless I’m organised I just waste it doing nothing in particular.

We bought some gin from Raven distillery for the school fair raffle thing. It’s a local brand. We ordered ages ago but because of the Jubilee they were very behind on schedule. Anyway, one of the main guys ended up hand delivering a bottle to our door as we were going to miss the school fair! (and then the shipped one arrived later that day 😅). Also it’s not raven, it’s Hrafn (you just say Raven 🐦).

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