Monday, 17th October, 2022

The 18mm f/2 is becoming my favourite inside lens. It’s a bit slower than the 23 1.4 but I like the extra length and it balances nicely on the camera. Tempted to sell the 23 now.

Took another roll of HP5 at 800 today. It’s been overcast and it helped me shoot at 5.6 1/125s outside.

The 50mm is nice to use. I like the fairly short focus throw, the tab and the built in hood. It’s not light but it’s also not that big or heavy. I do worry I can’t focus it at f/1.4 on the M2. Is it worth it? Probably no is the real answer but it doesn’t matter. If everything is ranked as “is it worth it”, I’d end up doing nothing and having nothing.

These articles always make me want to find a laptop to put OpenBSD on. Maybe one day I’ll do I, but I suspect I’ll config it all then look at it, close the lid and never touch it again.

I wonder what I do on the computer each evening? Now that I’m away and just have my iPad I’m struggling to think of anything to do on it. This is probably not a bad thing, but it seems strange. I do want to write in my blog but the downside of blot and Dropbox is that on the free tier of Dropbox I can’t have the app installed on many things. This is generally manageable by using 1Writer but then images become a hassle. Thinking of moving the blog to a static site, probably just Jekyll as I know it and it’s good enough, and pretty much copy the blot theme. Then keep blot and make a photo blog. Mostly as I can use my phone to do everything if I wanted to. Although if it’s a photo blog that I’m paying for then maybe I should pay for Glass or something…the only thing is that I don’t really want a social media platform as I don’t care.

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