Sunday, 22nd May, 2022

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I’ve fallen off every system I’ve had. I thought they weren’t worthwhile, but now I’m thinking that perhaps they are. Given every evening or piece of free time I have no idea what I should do, and end up just looking at random things online or creating reasons why I need to buy things.

For a while I was thinking I should sell all my Fuji gear and get a X100V. Now the X100V is a very fine camera, and I could be perfectly happy with it. I used a X100F for three years and had no other camera. The V even has some upgrades over the F which I think I’d like - such as the fold out screen and supposedly improved lens for focusing at f/2. In many ways it would be nice to have a single camera, no need to look at lenses, and just focus on using it to improve my photography. I also really like 23mm on APS-C, the 23 mm f/1.4 is my most used lens on the X-T2 I have. I’d also like the classic neg, and the extra jpeg options in camera that the X100V has. This is actually one of the biggest pluses for me. I’ve really come to enjoy using the colour management in the camera to then avoid having to do any editing on the computer. At most I do is cropping and very, very occasionally fixing the exposure on a shot. Usually the shot is fine as is or it’s nothing that interesting to waste my time correcting. As I write this I’m tempting myself more with this idea. 😅

Why wouldn’t I change? Well the hassle of selling everything, the fact that all the lenses have probably depreciated, and the lack of flexibility. It is nice having an ILC body so I can switch from the f/1.4 for indoors, to the 200 mm zoom for kids sports or wildlife, the macro for scanning film negatives. Doesn’t that all sound great? Well the reality is whilst I have those lenses and could do all those things, I don’t. I don’t scan negatives, I did one but home developing isn’t something I’m doing much of as it feels like a chore, and whilst my daughter does play football, I’m usually at home with the others. She does a lot of swimming but photography isn’t allowed, and I’m also at home as before. So whilst that flexibility is great, I don’t really use it. The most I get out of it is picking between 23, 35, 50 mm lenses for when we’re in the garden or out and about. I have the 16-80mm f/4 zoom but it’s too big and heavy that I stopped using it. I prefer the fixed length primes give. Now as the children get older I might do these things more (maybe) so there’s that.

It may be just an excuse to buy new things (and maybe it be cash neutral once I sell the other stuff). I’m also very much in a simplify and minimise mood. I have been guilty of buying new (used at least) lenses over the past 6 months, which I probably don’t need but somehow (rather easily no doubt) convinced myself to buy them.

After taking lots of film photos at the wedding a few weeks back, I’ve not really taken any photos. So all this talk of buying and selling, I decided I should get the X-T2 out and start taking pictures. It reminded me that I enjoy doing it, but it didn’t really help decide if I should keep the X-T2 or not. The cameras are really tools, and like a good tool box you tend to try and gather the right ones for when the job comes along. So whilst you might not use something for a long time, when you do come to need it, it’s nice that you have it. This is another reason for keeping the X-T2. It’s also a reason to keep everything but sometimes having too many things is annoying.

If I took more film photos then I’d probably be happier moving to the X100V, however, the price of film has become insane. A single B&W HP5 is now £7. Colour can’t even be found, except a 5-pack of Portra 400 for £82! £16.40 for one film 😭 Not sure what to do about this. I have some film still in stocks but when am I going to buy more? Ugh.

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