Friday, 30th December, 2022

All sorts of interesting things to poke about with on Tiddlyhost

Like this very well done Trello clone with TW. Not sure I need/would use it but I admire it.

By the time I write in DayOne and here I’m just about done with writing anything. In fact, if it’s been a busy day I’m done just thinking about writing in DayOne.

This sort of software is why I want a mac. You just don’t get unique and powerful tools elsewhere. Well maybe Linux but it can be hit and miss. This sale also marks the one year anniversary of me buying Tinderbox. I had a mac back then, but I stopped using it and sold it as I didn’t want another computer to use, plus it got a bit slow with all my photos in I did manage to sell it for more than I bought it for, so that was nice. However, one year one and I’m once again thinking about a mac. It’s a M1 mini in my head, and I’d have it sat on my desktop for alternative usage. Why though? I probably shouldn’t buy it.

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