Monday, 29th August, 2022

Waiting at airports is so inefficient. I can use the time to read or something, but wouldn’t it be nice to just show up 15 minutes before it leaves and walk straight on.

The Leica store was lovely. I only had 20 minutes before I had to get my train so it was such a short lived experience. All the staff seemed to be a real mix of photography enthusiasts. Some in suits, some in a “dirty white T-shirt”. Be a fun place to work and see such an interesting section of society. One that involves coming in and dropping £10-20k on camera gear.

They only had a M10-R available to look at, everything else was off in Wetzlar getting cleaned up. I complained that all their used gear was expensive, but if they’ve all been serviced by Leica then maybe it’s not so bad.

Anyway, the M10-R was great to hold and use. It felt identical to using my M2. I used the M10 with my 90mm both rangefinder focusing and live view with focus peaking. The viewfinder was nice and bright. Perhaps not surprising that I’d enjoy using one.

Obviously at the time I was ready to buy one and I’m still sort of ready but back to the “is it really worth it” decision. The one good thing is that I know I want a M10 or variant, not a previous version. Maybe I subconsciously knew that already but now it’s confirmed. I always wanted a black one but having seen the silver in person, I’m not fixed on black. I have noticed that silver is sometimes cheaper than black - although not always and depends on used stock online. I had wondered about a silver M10-P to match the M2. No one would know if I was shooting film or not!

The energy price rise is not pleasant and whilst we’ll be okay, it does make me question the timing of buying an expensive camera.

Sold the X-T2 - for more than I paid! The guy in the Leica store said he thought M10 prices would be low (current levels) whilst people upgrade to M11 but then at some point creep up a little as those that have upgraded have done so and then new people look for the cheaper M10 model. So another reason to buy now!? 😅

I’m now the old relative who goes “haven’t you grown, last time I saw you you were only this high 🫳”. That’s once I’ve realised who they actually are!

Phil’s new blog reminded me of what my blog used to be like, but has now turned into an online journal of daily chatter.

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