Friday, 15th July, 2022

I knew the Q2 could crop with its bucket loads of pixels such that you can get 35mm 50 mm etc. but until I read this I didn’t quite realise how big those buckets where:

The four digital zoom modes are:

  • 28mm 8368 x 5584 47mp
  • 35mm 6704 x 4472 30mp
  • 50mm 4688 x 3128 14.6mp
  • 75mm 3136 x 2096 6.6mp

It’s insane 🤩 It makes 35 and 50 mm very useable though.

It’s been insanely hot here. Up to 40°C (104°F) 🥵 This morning there’s a nice breeze which is a relief. Wonder how long it’ll last.

I should add more photos to DayOne. They will, eventually, all get printed. It’s about the only way that my iPhone photos end up anywhere permanent. They do get shared on a shared photos album on iCloud.

Think I went a bit nuts on camera analysis. I have perfectly good cameras that take great pictures already. I am interested in MFT though. I hadn’t really thought about the 4:3 ratio but I was messing about with crops on a picture and tried the 4:3 ratio and it does give a bit more room on portrait orientation images. Of course, moving back physically or wider lenses will achieve the same. It’s pretty cheap, least the body is, so I may just get it to have a play with. I do think to myself it would be nice to give one of the kids a camera when we go somewhere to let them take photos of things they like, and I do only have one digital camera. 👈 look at that! What a great justification to myself 😅

I would like a nice collection of M glass, as I think it’s both great quality, and a sort of investment for the future. Not really one for making money per say, but retaining historic value. It will be a camera system that I’ll have forever, film certainly, and at some stage digital. Going on random digital goose chases is just wasting money that could go into the forever system. I keep wishing I’d wanted to and been able to buy it 10-20 years ago - and so as they say, the next best time to plant a tree 🌳 is now 📅 (Well July 17th by this emoji, which is just two days away!)

Been re-reading The Lord of the Rings. I’d forgotten Tolkein’s writing style, and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it. I also like the sound of a Hobbit’s lifestyle! The importance of meals, and writing books of events and history. Reminds me that I’ve left my Hobonichi at home and not written in it. Although I still feel like I prefer iPad and keyboard vs. Pen and paper at home. Pen and paper works well at work when I’m moving between meeting rooms and it’s not like a daily journal but more just tasks and workings.

Started looking at training materials for the foundation exam for amateur radio. Mostly seems straight forward at this level. Some stuff I may need to actively revise, like call sign syntax and other terms. The physics and maths are very basic and I’m already familiar with so that’s good for me. I suspect the latter stages are more involved with more things I’ve not been exposed to, so will take more learning. This has made me wonder about anki and even Soren’s zettle tiddlywiki arrangement. So that I can make my own notes and use the anki app to learn it.

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