Wednesday, 2nd November, 2022

Leciaphilia is such a good blog. I’ve waned away from a digital Leica over the past few days again, as I feel like I’m throwing more money into it and not really sure why. Well one reason is that I spent £2k on a lens and using it with HP5 isn’t getting the most from it. lol £2k…my entire fuji setup is probably just about £2k. I took a nice shot of all of us trick or treating on Halloween with the Fuji (in B&W for the high ISO) and it’s lovely. However maybe I need to go all the way and actually get the digital M. Tim makes me think I should go for the M-P 240…

I was considering Wordpress last night, entirely for the ease of adding photos to the blog. This morning I remembered that I don’t like it, no matter how easy it is. Maybe I should find something that’s easy so I get a rest bite from the plain text efforts.

Shit just got serious.

I like this blog, it’s easy and I like the funny look of it. But I never put photos on it and that makes me sad a little. However, in some ways it’s meant to just be an online diary for writing in. Just text - it’s quick and I can do it anywhere. There’s no messing about with images.

I have my main site, on blot, which does make images easier, so maybe just use that? I’ve been tempted to move away to a static blog but then I still have the hassle of images. I’ve been tempted by Wordpress again for it’s ease. Just drag and drop images, write stuff and away we go. Blot isn’t exactly hard though. If I’m running wordpress then I’m paying somewhere - a VPS,, some other hosting or my own server. I don’t like running public stuff on my server as I want to take it down or do whatever I want to it. I run personal things on it but that’s it. I should just use Blot and pay the £4/month for it. I buy some sweets from the shop and it’s 4 quid. It’s not quite plain text but all my stuff is in plain text, which is a whole lot nicer than a wordpress database. I have 26GB of Dropbox storage for free, so that’s a lot of photos I can keep on it before I start having to worry.

I cycled home in the pouring rain and gales after work, made me exhausted and a bit run down feeling.

The new X-T5 is back to a small size, (although not as small as the X-T1 in width but generally similar to the X-T2 size) which is nice. What’s nicer is the screen is NOT flip out!! Now 40 MP like the X-H2, and IBIS. A great upgrade from a X-T2…if I had one and need unnecessarily large MP. But here’s me looking at a 10 year old digital Leica with zero features and a sensor that an iPhone can out do, which costs MORE than a brand new X-T5. Am I deluded?

I printed a few photos from our holiday, only a tiny selection and took out the large moleskin which I bought …January?…to make a photo journal. Still yet to put anything in it…😅 Each time I’m worried I’ll “mess it up”, but I know I just need to start. I want it to be photos I like, which often end up being ones that never get printed or in the album. They also, more often than not, end up being black and white. Which brings me full circle to considering a monochrom camera (but I can’t do it…just convert in camera or with software). When people compare photos side by side from a monochrom and regular I can see the difference (which I think is rare, as often I can’t see what people are talking about when comparing lenses or cameras), but without the comparison I still enjoy the photo anyway.

Stop watching videos about the M10M.

Looking forward to working from home tomorrow.

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