Wednesday, 12th October, 2022

I’m unusually non-plussed about the lens I just got (from a financial standpoint, not optical!), even though it’s the most expensive one I’ve ever bought! It’s a solid unit of glass and metal, does make the M2 front heavy but it still feels fine to use with the camera. Only had a quick play this morning and not taken a single picture with it yet. A tiny voice in my head is wondering if the cron would be better from a size and weight perspective, but then I remembered that on film I’m always wanting as much light as I can get. Nothing is stopping me from getting it in the future 😅

Seeing Jack messing about in his tiddlywiki makes me want to go back into mine. I do like everything in one place. However, I like this site as it is for daily notes and it’s easier to write in that tiddlywiki on all devices. It does mean I miss the ease of adding interesting or useful things into the wiki whilst I’m writing this. I could still add pages to this site with useful snippets of whatever. 🤔

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