Sunday, 19th June, 2022

I’m about to sign up to a year of Skoove, as today is 50% off. I’ve not quite done it as I think it may just be my wish to play the piano vs. my desire to learn. I did a year of another app back in 2020-2021, and I probably did about 6 months out of that year, in two 3 month blocks. I did like it and got better at the app - now whether I got better at playing the piano is debatable. I can’t remember anything from doing that though and can’t play a song by heart. For a while I could remember a christmas piece - a very simple We three kings. I did learn that I liked playing classic music, which I didn’t expect.

So should I buy it? It’s about £50. Given yesterday I spent £25 on a PCI-e to USB 3 card for my computer as I don’t have many ports and I think the onboard motherboard USB 3 header doesn’t work, it seems like a lot better value. The big problem is will I use it? I’m all for getting away from the computer, so I should like it. However, will I just get bored after 2 weeks and then not bother? Probably/maybe…

If someone offered to buy it as a gift I’d say yes. Even if the alternative was they gave me £50.

I’m also worried as I’m going to be buying a rowing machine after our holiday, and that’s also a thing to take up time that I’ve promised myself I’ll do.

I suffer from wanting to do too many things, organising myself poorly, and agonising over tiny decisions that make no difference whichever way I choose.

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