Snuday, 4th December, 2022

M10 refund being processed. Now just to sort out the 50mm lux’s front hood part. Weirdly just fell off and the screw was nowhere to be seen, although an absolutely tiny one. Seems strange how it can come out though? Emailed the store I purchased it from to see if they can get a replacement. The problem now is that I don’t really want to use the lens as there’s nothing around the front element, it sticks out a little and I know it’s going to touch something. Also the lens cap is held on by the hood so without that I can’t cover it either. Guess it’s staying at home unless I’m posting it off somewhere to be fixed.

Quite liking jupyter book for a collection of markdown pages. Can do a little heriarchy in the side bar and then just have various files. It can do a lot more with actual notebooks but don’t really have a need. Maybe redundant with the wiki, but I can navigate quicker to these things, and keep all the random other stuff away from it. Even found out you can set it so you can run code on the page without leaving via some javascript.

I like the look of dokuwiki, but also changing it is not straight forward. It’s also one of these older pieces of software where probably everyone who uses it doesn’t care what it looks like and are very content with the default look. This means the available themes are pretty poor or not mobile friendly etc. the top rated one is essentially a stock bootstrap, fine but I’d rather have the default. Anyway all this means I’m not sure I want to use it for everything. It shouldn’t matter but I like having a little bit of an influence on the look of my main website.

I’m thinking about Wordpress instead of ghost for the main blog. Not exactly sure why I need to. Even considered hosting.

Watching someone play through the new steam version of dwarf fortress, together with the creators. It’s funny watching them discover the excruciating detail that df goes into. I also really like the new UI. It makes it so much more approachable than the original. I like the original, although play it with the lazy newb pack for some sanity. I hope the keyboard bindings are the same as the original though as some of them are hard to unlearn. It’s very much a modal game, with sequence of keys to issue commands and organise your fort. I’m excited to play the new one, and to get back into the game. So much detail. It reminded me that a friend and I used to play a year each and email the save world to each other. Whilst the other person was playing we’d write up a little story of our year on a tumblr blog. I copied all the entries from it and made it into a static site - which still exists. Wow it was a long time ago that we played.

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