Friday, 23rd September, 2022

So many smart thermostats and TRVs are setup now! Infinitely customisable…it’s not quite cold enough for the heating to be on, so will see how it goes.

Ordered the Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4. There was a promo on ebay, and cashback and nectar points, and a nice one at a good price, so thought why not. Been thinking about having it for any videos, but also it’s supposedly a nice lens in it’s own right. Small too, so should balance well on the X-E4. Just the other day I was thinking of selling all the fuji and simplifying to something…X100V?… I don’t know. Not that long ago I was debating spending £4500 on a M10-R! I was insane. I still want one, but the fuji works for me. I like using it, I just need to remember to use it! Maybe I’ll regret getting more lenses and then having more choices, but I still think it’s a little like a tool box. I’ll try out the 18-55 for photos but I think it’s primarily going to be used for videos as I much prefer the primes anyway.

I think I should turn all grain off in the fuji jpeg settings. It seems wrong.

Loaded another roll of HP5 into my camera, ready to try the developing again once the chemicals arrive. Supposed to be today but next day stuff never arrives here next day, but they never admit it and just make excuses.

Still want a mac, and everyone else is buying Apple products!

I consolidated my public wiki down to a single site, with a single file html tiddlywiki version saved on github and hosted by vercel. Vercel means I can use multiple domains as some are blocked at work 😢

I find it interesting how much I like and then use blot. It’s not really that much different from this site. I write a page or post, and hit commit and the internet makes a new page on this site. Blot is: make a new post or page in dropbox, press save, and the internet makes the site. Yet why am I using it more than my previous static sites? PHotos are a bit easier, although my setup means I keep all images in a _img folder to stop them becoming posts, and then I have to write markdown to link to them. A static site isn’t anymore. Blot does some image compressor or something, although doesn’t seem that much and I’ll do it myself to minimise download time. I do like the stock template and theme, and I have no interest, because there’s no need, to create a theme or tinker with the existing one. So maybe that’s part of it?

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