Saturday, 8th October, 2022

I take back about what I said on python on my computer. I just installed python from the Windows App Store and start typing in VS Code and it all works just fine. I just need to ask IT at work to let me install the latest version of python from the MS store.

I have a lot of tabs open on my phone in a todo style nature. These are all things I plan on reading or trying out. I find them when on my phone at work or on the go, but then when I want to “do real computing”, I sit at my desk. However, not having a Mac (with Safari) means there’s no easy way to see these tabs until the next time I’m on my phone. I used to use push bullet to send stuff to my desktop. Perhaps I should look for something like that again. Or I could use Firefox on my phone.

This is one thing I was going to play with. Make some maps of home or various places. Even though about doing family houses, printing and framing it as a present.

I enjoyed tinkering with little things in python. I’ve spent too long not doing it and wasting my time on dumb stuff. I semi-quit YouTube a while ago but now I feel like I’m back in it and my bad habit of sitting down in the evening and watching videos is back.

I still want a 50mm M lens. Just impossible to decide which.

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