Saturday, 26th November, 2022

I make no apologies for my chronic indecisiveness 😅

Speaking of which…cameras…

I was going to write a long back and forth that I’ve been having in my head all day, but I don’t want to relive it. I’ve still not really used it that much. I was meant to take it to dinner tonight but forgot it. The absolute biggest hurdle is cost of it. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

These are the main factors which influence my decision:

  • Sometimes I can’t be bothered with photography. I like having pictures and just want the easiest possible way for decent enough photos. This is where the fuji, 35mm f/1.4, a few film sims to flick between, EVF for exposure, and I skip raws. I’ve pretty much been doing this since I got my X100F in 2017. I always shot raw+jpeg but have never needed a raw.
  • Film is better all round. When I can be bothered, I want film. It’s more work, but it’s engaging and simulating, and I love the output. Developing my own B&W is very time consuming but also a great experience and so rewarding.
  • One lens mount - for film and digital. It’s nice.
  • Small lenses - M lenses are that. The fuji’s aren’t much bigger but also APS-C.
  • Value for money / bang for buck and “can I even tell the difference?”. I don’t like having expensive things around me. I worry about them being damaged, lost, broken, stolen, etc. I like value for money. Probably I should’ve bought the Voigtlander 50mm or the Canon 50mm LTM lens instead of the lux. The lux does also feel nice in the hand but not sure I can really tell or would notice the difference. I’m sure I could tell side-by-side but that’s never going to happen. I have bought expensive things. I got the X100F new, the X-E4 new, just that these were 1/3-1/4 of the price of the m10p.
  • Simplicity in things. This one is mixed. The m10p couldn’t be a simplier camera, however, I can’t see it being my only digital camera and I sort of only want one.

There’s nothing stopping me from selling it in a few months time, it’s just super easy to send it back to the store within the next ~10 days and only be out by the return postage, and none of the hassle of selling a high value item. Interestingly I can only find 2 available across a whole bunch of stores, and those are £800 more than what I spent.

The m10 can never replace the x-e4, at best they are side by side cameras for different times. If I can get the joy from the m10 as I do with the m2 but then the convenience of digital then it should be a keeper. But then wasn’t I going all in with film?

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