Wednesday, 28th December, 2022

This post and all the links from it make very interesting reading. I’m in a “where are my notes going and I want them to be forever available, accessible, searchable” mood. Which also includes Journal notes. I’m jumping between tiddlywiki, Apple Notes, plain text files on various platforms and I just don’t know.

I want just a folder with a couple of files that I add to, it’s one big file but it’s all there and easy to browse. I also want an organised tiddlywiki with tags and magic to pull it all together (for some undefined purpose).

I have my public wiki which I add bits and bobs too, although tagging is a bit hit and miss, and my current way of reviewing things is hitting the random button or remembering about something and searching for it.

I have a note in Apple Notes from 2012. Not sure I’d still be able to find it, 10 years later, if it wasn’t in Apple notes. It’s always there, built-in and can do quite a lot. Obviously mac/iOS only. Maybe it’s better at remembering than me thinking I can backup plain text files /somewhere/ and then finding them later. I feel tiddlywiki can have similar longevity now, as I host it online and it sits on github and gets served from there.

Plus there’s a physical notebook, but I don’t think I can keep one for a long time and find stuff.

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