Thursday, 13th October, 2022

Each morning I cycle to work I pass a guy who’s cycling in the opposite direction. He’s only wearing sorts and a T-shirt. Doesn’t wear a helmet either. How is he not freezing? I’ve got jacket, trousers, gloves and helmet. I don’t leg it the whole way but I don’t dawdle either I’m warm on the inside but my face and hands are still cold. I saw him on my way home today. Weird.

Installed Arch Linux on my new server last night. Think the CMOS battery is dead as when I unplugged it, it lost the time and so that upset the keychain in verifying GPG keys. Or it might’ve been that I hit the reset button on the motherboard when cleaning? Maybe I should look in the BIOS to see if everything is set okay.

I also had some weird issue with the boot loader. All my other computers I use bootctl that’s part of systemd. I already have systemd so why install extra packages? Anyway, it just would not find the boot image. I double checked things so many times but couldn’t see the issue. I was tired and maybe couldn’t see the problem. Anyway, I just installed grub, ran it’s configurer and all was good. I just setup SSH, installed Docker and added a user then it was time for bed.

I’ve flashed my zigbee controller for the computer and ready to set up the thermometers I bought. Need to figure out all the databases to store the info. Seems like influxdb is the one for long term data.

I’ve thought of a few website admin todos I have. There’s just never time to do them.

I quite like the look of the new Google Pixel Watch. Looks more like a regular watch compared to the Apple Watch. Probably would only be semi-good with an iPhone, and the “killer” features would only work with a Pixel phone. I haven’t looked whatsoever if that’s true. Maybe completely wrong as they want to break into Apple Watch wearers. Not going to have HomeKit support though.

HP5+ pushed 5 stops developed in 2 hours 20! 😅

This guy sniffers the API of the cat feeder and then hooks up a little python script with the amazing requests library to control it…best of all via his Elgato Stream deck. Now I want that stream deck. Not for streaming but for general controlling of stuff via buttons. Yes, I sure I could make something with a raspberry pi, but (a) that’ll never happen, and (b) will look a lot jankier than the stream deck.

streamlit is nice. I’ve used it a few times for a quick web app with data. Now you can have custom domains too!

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