Tuesday, 16th August, 2022

Somehow I’d not set the date and time correctly on the X-E4. I paired it with my phone and it asked to set the time from it, but I didn’t really look and assumed it was correct. Was some random time in Feb 2021. Had to do bulk EXIF editing to get the right date. The times are wrong but that’s not so bad, but the date would mess things up otherwise.

I made a few colour profiles on the camera and I quite like one of them…the only problem is I’m not quite sure which one it was and what all the settings where! Maybe I can see them in the camera when I inspect an image? I think the desktop fuji app allows you to save and load custom profiles from the computer? I also did some tests with Clarity on and off (with it on it takes the camera significantly more time to process the image). I sort of like it but undecided. It’s probably better to leave it off and apply in post if I really want it…Anyway I should figure it out and line them up. I’m not sure if I liked the pictures and colours because it was a lovely sunny day and pretty much anything looks nice with lots and lots of light.

I listed the 35mm and the X-T2. Annoyingly some scammer “bought” the X-T2 and tried to get me to send my paypal email or something but ebay had already blocked their account before I could even do anything…which is good…except my camera “sold” and whilst I can cancel the sale and not pay any fees, if I relist it then I don’t get the seller’s fees discount that I was getting from listing it yesterday. 😡 I’ll put it on a forum and see if I get any interest. I find it okay to buy something you want (if there is anything) but generally slow to sell anything. Plus everyone low balls all the time. eBay, whilst annoying, generally gets stuff shifted quicker and for a better price. Although I still don’t like it.

I’m way behind on my photos website. Probably have about 15 albums to go through and upload. I even think that my last set of films to be developed still haven’t had their exif data set. It’s just overwhelming…well a few too many steps. I was going to sort out something after Apple Photos but never did anything. I can’t tell if Apple Photos helped me, or I was just being good and sorted stuff when it came in. I want to share the photos but it’s a chore. I’d wondered about making a “high volume” apple photo stream, just adding a few people and then loading ~20 photos from each album. It’s not that many, maybe everyone else wouldn’t care, particularly if it was a single share…maybe I should’ve got a replacement mac mini to manage the photos! I should should Lightroom as I have it, and manage the photos in the library that way, even if I don’t do any editing, or minimal editing. I don’t know. I just can’t be bothered. I don’t want to use flickr or whatever as I want it to be my domain. I like the static site, it just takes a bit of effort. I’ve also been through this cycle before where I paid for hosted piwigo and uploading things there - the uploading was easy but the gallery and style weren’t great. Maybe I’ll spend the whole evening looking at the same things I’ve looked at in the past and not know what to do. I also miss a little the all photos in iCloud and all devices. Just felt £7/month wasn’t great value given I don’t have a mac and iCloud drive was a bit awkward.

This falls into the “if I had more time, I’d enjoying doing it, but now it feels like a chore and I resent it”. Unfortunately darkroom development currently falls into that bucket, even when I wince at the price to develop at a lab.

Bought an IUFOO hood from ebay for my 90mm Tele-Elmarit as it can flare badly in bright light. It’s an older model so hopefully still works for me.

Home Gallery seems quite interesting.

Monday, 15th August, 2022

Listed a load of Switch games that I never play anymore (some I never played once! 😅). I’m surprised at how quick many of them have sold, maybe it means I’ve under-priced them! Anyway, it’s good to get rid of them for a little bit of cash. I’m probably going to buy a couple of new games that are coming out (to then not play those!).

Speaking of selling things, I’m wondering about selling the X-T2 now. I’ve not looked at the photos from the X-E4 on the computer yet but certainly using it, I have no issues whatsoever. I could keep it as a backup or second body but the reality is I don’t need a backup. There’s an ebay sellers fee promo that lasts until tonight, so I should get it listed. I don’t like eBay but it is the biggest market place online, so you usually get the best price. I’m also wondering if I want to sell the 23mm f/1.4 and the 35mm f/2. Certainly the 35mm. The 27 is close enough that I’ll not use the 35, and the 35mm tended to be my outdoors lens, so the slight loss in speed from 2.0 to 2.8 isn’t going to make a difference.

I want to simplify what I have so selling the lenses will force me to do so and spend less time deciding…the 23mm is still spinning around in my head. Maybe I’ll leave that one for now and try using it with the camera and see.

Sunday, 14th August, 2022

I’ve not used the 18mm as much as I have now with the X-E4. The 27mm is a nice lens too. Don’t need the 35mm f/2, but still not sure if I want the old 1.4 other than just to have a 1.4. The camera with the square hooded 18 looks like a little Q2!

Saturday, 13th August, 2022

I was looking at the Fuji lens line up and noticed that a new 56 f/1.2 is due to be released this year. They have been slowly releasing replacements for the original line up. Except the 18mm, where they made a f/1.4. Admittedly the reviews say it’s amazing but it’s not the compact model. I also saw a compact 8mm f/3.5 is due for next year.

Friday, 12th August, 2022

Got the new camera. It’s lovely…but…is it what I was really looking for or is it just something to buy! My first reaction is to send it back right away, but I’ve not even used it. Maybe it was the honest fact that I don’t need it, the XT2 is fine, also getting the 27mm is now just another decision to make when picking a lens. It’s made me think “why didn’t I just get the X100V instead?”. I like the 23mm f/2. Although I never use the OVF, so that seems like a waste. Anyway, technically I have about 2 weeks before I have to decide and can send the camera back - as long as I keep it in mint condition… I’ll set it up tonight and use it at the family party. I had been excited to use the XE4 with M mount glass and the extra colour settings on it. A pseudo film camera.

Oh I’m insufferable. Please don’t read this 😅

Think I just ruined some film photo portraits by opening the back as I’d forgotten I hadn’t rewound the film already.

I think the question is, do I want the XE4 to replace my XT2. Because if so then that’s fine. I want a digital ICL camera. I might need to buy a grip if so for when I want to use tele-lenses.

It was lovely and sunny this morning, so I loaded some ISO 50 for this afternoon. Now it’s clouded over and I’m messing about between f2.8-4 and 1/60-1/125 try to get something decent and it’s annoying.

After my initial panic over the camera, I’m starting to calm down a bit. Been setting it up and handling it more with different lenses. Even the 23mm f/1.4 isn’t that bad. Although the weight of it does make me think a grip, either thumb or from or both, would make it much nicer in the hand. I’m always conflicted about grips. It seems silly to buy a camera that you then have to buy a grip for. The camera should have it by default. However, maybe it’s a small compromise given everything else.

And now I end the day loving the camera! The custom settings extend to pretty much every setting on the camera! So now I can also save ISO ranges, focusing, all sorts with all the colour settings. I don’t remember that on the X100V, and it means I don’t need all the dials.

I’m going to order a thumb grip as that seems to be the one that people like having the most vs. the body grip. I mounted all my lenses on it to see how it was. The surprising one was the 50-230mm lens - it’s a light lens which is nice. It’s a little slow (f/4.5-6.7), but the 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 weighs a lot more. As the X-E4 is so light, it balances really well and I can hold the camera by the lens in my left hand and it’s easy to use. All the f/2+ primes sit nicely on it. The 23mm f/1.4 is fine but, as I said before, a bit heavy. Wondering what I do with this. The 27mm is nice, and very close in focal length but slower. The 23mm f/2 seems a silly purchase, and probably one I’d actually never use. The old 35mm f/1.4 stands out as being the fast lens option for the X-E4. It’s about the same length as the f/2 lenses, but only weighs 187g. The 35mm f/2 is 170g and then 23mm f/1.4 is 300g. It’s narrower than I’ve been using, but for dark evenings in winter maybe it’s a nice choice. Tempted to buy it regardless. It’s always been on my wishlist, but with the 35mm f/2 I couldn’t justify it…I means, I still can’t really but I could swap 35mm f/2 → f1.4 and then the 23mm from f/1.4 → f/2…if I didn’t want to duplicate focal lengths.

Also need to find a suitable strap. The fuji one is fine but too many buckles near the camera which are annoying. The X-E4 has wide strap holes, so that rules out a lot of straps - at least I think so as then the connector slides up and down and scratches the body too much. I suppose the Peak Design or equivalent ones are maybe more suitable given the thread like connection. I just don’t like the bulk of the connectors. Anyway, will see. I’ll take some real photos with it tomorrow and see how I get on.

Thursday, 11th August, 2022

The other day I was mad with some things at work. I decided to write them down (in a plain text file called work with just a date heading) and it did really make me feel better. I now can’t even remember some of the things I was mad about. Nothing has changed but it doesn’t bother me anymore so I’m content again. It’s quite remarkable.

I’m hoping the camera arrives today but I’ve not received the tracking info yet so that’s not promising.

I did get the tracking and it was dispatched yesterday but Royal Mail didn’t deliver…now it’s coming tomorrow.

I’m not as fast as I used to be on the erg. But then I remembered that I’m thinking of 20 years ago! 😅 Anyway, it still feels nice to do something whilst watching TV. Been doing about 30 minutes and then I sit in the garden and finishing watching the episode of Squid Games. Not sure if I really want to watch it, was just the first thing that popped up when I opened Netflix. Then I have a weird situation where I think “oh not very time for the computer” but also remember how often I say that I need to get away from the computer. I make a cup of tea and sit down at it anyway. Not know what to do and do nothing - aimlessly search for something. YouTube, Reddit, camera forums, Discord channels. The computer is a bad habit for me.

I guess I could play on the piano or read a book or something instead.

Actually, it’s not entirely wasteful, I’ve been doing a ham radio training course. So far fairly easy stuff. Mostly it’s remembering facts. Which I think is a stupid thing to test. Remember rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries. Remember 3-30MHz is HF. Call signs are xyz. Why? I can just look it up in a book or online. They do give you a 4-page information book you use in the exam with allowable frequencies and a frequency to wavelength conversion graph. So that’s nice.

I was telling my friend about it the other night. Think I got them hooked on to ham radio now. Even though we both agreed we’d probably not do anything and perhaps it was just an excuse to buy more things 🤣

Wednesday, 10th August, 2022

My new concept2 rowing machine (erg) arrived yesterday. I’ve wanted to get one for such a long time but always put it off as I thought it was too expensive. It is quite expensive - about £800 (and soon to be going up in price). It’s a good exercise for multiple reasons, plus I used to row at university so it reminds me of then. But I also like how the machine has a controller which does everything you need, connects to heart rate monitor, and has a phone/tablet app that is free. Also has a built in device holder too. What I’m trying to say is that “THERE’s NO SUBSCRIPTION!” 😁 Did my first row on it last night with the workout of the day and decided to watch Squid Games. I need to get some headphones for the iPad though. I have wireless ones I use with my phone but they’re cheap ones and don’t do multiple device pairing well, and I use them each day on my way to work so I don’t want to have to keep switching back and forth pairing. Probably just another cheap pair will do. The fan is a bit too noisy and my iPad’s speakers point away from me. I could mount the phone but it’s a small screen. Anyway, I like the setup and my biggest challenge is to build the habit to use it. (As my wife plainly stated to me yesterday with “and you better bloody use it!”).

Debating between early morning or evening. I’d prefer morning but it’s fitting it all in before going to work, and not that there isn’t time, it’s just I can’t make a 20 minute workout take an hour. The evening is fine but then I end up not doing much else, or when I do sit down at the computer it’s already 10pm and I stay up way too late looking at cameras.

But perhaps now I won’t be looking at cameras as I finally ordered one! The X-E4 with 27mm. It’s taken me a while and I’m still not 100% sure it’s the right thing to do - either the model or just a new camera in general. I go back and forth on it a lot. This was just the same with all the previous cameras (and in fact anything over about £200) that I’ve bought. Usually, when it arrives I start feeling better. I did send back the X-S10 camera when I bought that, but I think the X-E4 is more what I want. Fewer buttons, rangefinder style, smaller, and prime focused camera.

The Leica M10 is still on the desire list but it’s too expensive and I’m not sure it fits for me at the moment. But we’ll see. I’m still planning to go into the Leica store in London when I’m passing.

I’m hoping the camera arrives tomorrow for the weekend’s family party. No doubt my hesitation is going to mean it misses it.

So many people recommend the Fuji 18-55mm with the X-E series. It’s quite compact. Perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for a cheap one, as a kit lens that’s been around forever, I’m sure there’ll be lots. Although I don’t really like zooms, particularly these focal lengths as I’d rather just stick to one length in this range. However, I can see it being versatile if you just want one lens.

I’m keen to keep going with the M to Fuji adapted lenses. I think the small M lenses will fit well with the design of the XE4.

I really like this strap, but it seems nowhere sells it.

Tuesday, 9th August, 2022

Surprisingly warm today, and working from home in my little office makes it even more noticeable! Luckily everyone has gone out for the whole afternoon, so I can keep my door and window open and get a nice breeze through.

Weirdly used prices of X-E4 are more expensive than new 🤔 A few places are out of stock, so maybe just opportunistic pricing…

Monday, 8th August, 2022

I try and do too many things, and then waste time on pointless stuff. I also waste my life at work, but until I find a pile of money, I’m not sure I have a choice right now. I used to be so keen at work, but recently I’ve been questioning the point of my job. What impact am I having? It’s so abstract. I shouldn’t complain.

Nearly bought a X-E4, with the 27mm pancake - and the 16mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.4 as those were “ideal lenses” for the camera. The X-E4 is pretty much what I’m looking for, without excess stuff I don’t care about. So why didn’t I buy it? Well, I don’t really need it. I get a bit carried away with this sort of thing and I convince myself I absolutely need things, I then buy them and later realise I don’t need them. I’ll then go full minimisalist and wish I owned nothing, or just a single item.

The X-E4 is certainly a lot cheaper than the Leica, and that’s before even looking at used ones (which I keep meaning to do, just to see how much they go for).

Maybe I should try and rekindle my desire for home development. Last time it just felt like a chore.

Used my simplenotes app personal journal today. It’s quite nice just to dip into when I need.

Sunday, 7th August, 2022

Wow! What a busy day, been out the whole day and now I feel tired! And today is when I’m starting this foundational ham radio online course. I’m not sure why I’m doing this. Think I just like the idea of saying “oh yeah, I have a radio license.” Plus I’ll need something else to spend money on once I’ve bought all the cameras.

Saw the Lumix S5 is on offer now. £200 off and a free 50mm f/1.8. Makes the body £1300, or £200 more and you get the kit 20-60mm - which lots of people seem to like online. I really don’t need it. Interestingly though, it’s basically the same size as my X-T2. It’s deeper, but that’s mostly the grip. Weighs more, but probably not that noticeable. I see this and think 🤔💭 “I wonder if I should swap the fuji for the S5…” I then see it with lenses on and remember I came to the same conclusion last time I looked at it. With a bigger sensor, it’s impossible not to have bigger lenses. Unless you slow them down. The Sigma 45mm f/2.8 isn’t too big - and would be a great all round lens, especially outdoors. However, if I wanted a 1.4, 1.8 for indoors, then it’s a big honker. I’ve also been a fuji user for a long time, and it might be hard to get past not having the dedicated dials for everything. Prior to Fuji I used Nikon’s front nad rear wheels and buttons to change everything, so I can manage, but still.

I’ve been thinking about my home server for a while. It’s perfectly adequate, but I’m wondering if it’s overkill, or over power consuming “kill”. I’ve thought about swapping to a low powered pure NAS, plus a dedicated compute computer like a NUC. The NAS only serves files and the NUC does everything else. But with the raspberry pi 4 compute module and all the expansion now available I’ve wondered if everything could be combined. I saw this today, which reminded me of this fact. The only thing is, ARM can sometimes be a pain, least in my experience, with some software. Although I suspect most things have been compiled to it by now and the pi4 is 64bit ARM. The only thing is, it’s not exactly cheap. I could probably buy a used NUC instead. The main question, is how much storage do I really need. Right now I have 4x 4TB drives in ZFS RAIDZ1, so about 11.6 TB usable. Somehow I only have 2.9 TB free. I’ve not checked in a long time, so now I’m curious what’s filling it up. My friend does backup his server to mine (and vice verse) so maybe there’s loads of Tesla sentry footage that he likes to keep that’s made its way to my computer.

Nearly bought the M10-P last night. I’ve found a well used one that’s quite a discount over the going rate, in fact overlaps in price with mint M10s. I told myself that it’s a great bargain and who cares about the looks. It actually seems quite nice how it’s worn away on the camera straps. I do wonder if it’s got a lot of use if that means it’s somehow close to failure…I also thought maybe getting a good condition one might be more sensible in case I want to come to sell it later on. So now I’m back to wondering. I should probably just wait until I go to the store and look at them..just in case I don’t like them for some reason.

I’m not really interested in any other cameras. I have no interest in any of the Nikons, Canons, etc. They’re just boring. The S5 is boring. Even a fancy GFX, or SL are kinda boring to me. The only other cameras that I’ve been considering are the X100V and the X-E4. The X-E4 is more useful given I have lenses already, but the X100V is just such a nice package. I know I like it, so why don’t I just get it? Good question.

The Voigtlander Heliar 40mm f2.8 looks fun! Even in LTM!

Saturday, 6th August, 2022

I keep having the most ridiculous thought. So I’m excited about going to the Leica store in London at the end of the month and I start thinking “maybe I should just get a M11 when I’m there.” 🤯

It would buy a M10 and probably a 35 AND 50 Lux for the same price. It’s just I know I’ll handle a M10, really like it and want to get it. Except the Leica store has terrible used prices, so I won’t.

Today I’ve remembered about Tumblr. I like it. Probably resurrect my 10+ old blog on it. I thought about making it a photography or camera specific one but I’d probably get bored of that. Whereas a general everything one means it can follow with my whims. It might be too much having so many sites catering to my whims but there we go.

Several times I’ve remembered I bought a year of skoove app piano tutorial thing about 6 weeks ago and I’ve yet to even open it! Maybe the summer holidays wasn’t the best time but it was a 50% off sale.

Least it’s better (and cheaper) than Tinderbox…don’t even own a mac anymore 🙄 it’s the classic example of me thinking it would solve all my problems, I’d work myself up into believing it would be a great purchase, and then buying it (at least in a sale), only to then find out it’s not what I really want and then regret it. (I just hope the rower doesn’t also fall into that same category!)

In all seriousness, I don’t think it will. I liked the bike trainer but I hated paying for Zwift, as I didn’t care about most of it. Concept2, on the other hand, have lots of free resources to keep it interesting. Even just the daily workout they send out/include in the free app, which you can then see how you do vs. everyone else who did it that day. But maybe this is all my convincing myself it was the right thing to do.

I didn’t take the M2 with me today when we went down to the river together. I couldn’t be bothered with film and manual focus. Took the Fuji. Probably all very boring shots but a record of the occasion…but with all the cousins there were too many to watch that I didn’t have time for manual photography. Although would’ve been good to take a photo of the grumpy old game keeper who told us off for throwing stones and “upsetting the fish”.

Friday, 5th August, 2022

Got the cousins staying with us - lots of kids in our house this weekend! Good excuse to get some film through the camera. Although there are a few parties and things over next month and I’m not sure I have enough film for them all. Been hoping there were going to be more films sales, but so far I’ve seen absolutely nothing. There’s a “sale” on ektachrome but it’s still a lot, and not sure I really want colour slide. I mean, I want it, but I’ve never used it and processing is even more expensive 😢.

Trying to read Bernice Abbott’s biography. It’s hard work and so feels more like a chore than an interesting read. Maybe I need to get further into it.

My rowing machine has been dispatched and I had to choose a day for it to be delivered. Seems like they only give you one shot so a good excuse to work at home. Although still not sorted out the garage! But now it gives me something “productive” to research - training plans, and apps and log books etc.

I should add some more things to my website that I keep thinking about. Nothing super exciting but a few more info things. I definitely write a lot less in my wiki now that it isn’t the daily journal thing too. I worry about not using my wiki as it’s now my combo main site/blog/wiki. Well I don’t worry as such, but it’s a shame.

I’ve been doing “large circles” on cameras. By that I mean, obsessing over them and reading endless forums etc., to then not thinking about them whatsoever, then circling back round. But the frequency of these stages is quite long, in the region of two weeks. I wonder if I wait will they get longer. However, everytime I come back to micro 4/3s Lumix cameras. Probably getting notifications when used stock comes in mpb.com doesn’t help. There was one camera that was super cheap, but then I looked at it, and the screen was all smashed. Potentially a bargain if you don’t care about that, but what else might be broken. Also, it wasn’t that cheap.

Thursday, 4th August, 2022

My sister tells us she wants to get into data analysis/science as career, and has started learning python. Which I think is great. My wife finds it hilarious as we’re so alike, even though we’re half-siblings, a big age gap, and never lived together.

Reminds me of how I kind of want to go into the space, yet do nothing about it.

I’ve completely forgotten about new cameras and all that. Actually been having fun watching the commonwealth games each evening.

Sort of bored with everything.

What a great name for an app for Windows.

“I cannot control my opponent, but I can control my response.” But sometimes I still chose not to. 😅

Wednesday, 3rd August, 2022

The James Webb space telescope is amazing! 🛰🌌