Saturday, 2nd July, 2022

I’ve convinced myself that if I get a M10 then it’ll need a 50mm lux to keep it company. Within the endless videos and forums I’ve been reading, I’ve seen a lot of Silver M10s and it’s got me considering it. I was always set on the black one but now I’m not sure…it would match the M2…but plenty of time to decide.

The Leica Store Mayfair is open on Sundays. Looks like I have a stop on my journey later this year 🤩 Although there are many second hand camera stores in London that would be fun to visit. Like Camera City.

Unfortunately, a lot of these places are closed on Sundays and that’s when I’ll be there. Maybe for the best!

Start of the school holidays today! More family visiting this weekend - it’ll be fun but chaotic. I also seem to have a horrible cold.

Time for a bit of Part 2 of Stranger Things before everyone gets back.

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