Wednesday, 7th September, 2022

Migrated all my old blog posts to the new blot blog. Well not all the old posts, I have some from ages ago that I might move too. Not many, maybe 3 at the most.

I’m still thinking that I’ll keep this site for idle chatter and the other for more (slightly) coherent posts. I’m aware I talk about the same thing over and over and so I want to keep that here (for me) and not pollute the other site with it (just yet).

But blot is cool. The more I’m using it the more I’m appreciating that it’s more than just another static generator. A big advantage of using it with Dropbox is that so many apps integrate with Dropbox and that makes it really easy to do stuff. With the Dropbox app on my phone I can do everything on the go, including pictures. I’m also thinking about how to use the picture to post feature it has. I sort of want to make a gallery template that can bring all posts tagged with pictures into it but I also don’t want to spend ages faffing about with templates and config and just get on with writing posts and moving on. I’m on the default template and it’s perfectly suitable. The magazine one is quite interesting and I might switch to it but I’m trying to resist too much fiddling.

Migrating all my posts from tiddlywiki made me realise I still want a wiki. I could add pages with notes and things on in blot but I think a real wiki would be better. I have tiddlywiki site and dokuwiki site still running.

I’d like to find an online markdown editor for Dropbox files. So I can use a web browser to edit things when I have the need to - probably at work, as I think dropbox website is blocked. seems like one.

It’s my 12 year anniversary on reddit. Dread to think how much time I’ve wasted on that site 😅

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