Monday, 12th September, 2022

Restarted the recycle in my head about cameras again. Recently there have been quite a few M10s on the used market and prices have been pushed down a little. I was tempted. Then I left it and now there doesn’t seem to be that many and the price has crept up again - maybe +/- 10%. There’s one on eBay right now which I think the seller would accept quite a drop from the listing price based upon an offer they sent out to the watchers - it’s that dented one that I’m hesitant about though. I’ve also gone from M10 to M10-P to M10-R(!) back to M10.

I then think about film, and how I enjoy it and would it not be better to spend the money on development and film etc. vs. another digital camera.

Perhaps I should go back to my smart home pondering…

I’m wondering about (again!) uploading all my photos into iCloud for the memories and little things it makes. What got me started on that is power price. Bear with me… the old TV is a power hog and I was thinking of replacing it. Power prices have been capped by the government so the payback isn’t quite as good as it was but still. I don’t really care that much about TVs and I’m not looking to spend a fortune on OLED or whatever, but there is a nice one on sale that’s a good price. Has Roku built in to - that helps with the WAF. Then I started thinking it should replace the main lounge TV, then move that into the playroom to replace the power hog. Given I was doing that, it already has Roku built it, AND I’m looking at home automation stuff which I’d rather connect into Apple vs Google or Alexa. So an Apple TV can act as a hub for it. So if I had that then all my photos in iCloud would be viewable on the TV.

Phew! What a lot of justifying buying stuff. 😅

But sometimes I think I should buy first; deliberate later.

When I was looking at micro four thirds, I joined the M43 subreddit. Probably should leave as I read about people saying what an amazing system it is - capable of all situations with such an extensive line up, all for a good price and excellent quality. This includes professionals who get paid for their work. Why do I read these things. 😅

👆this whole random stupid conversation is why I keep this separate from the nice blog 🥲

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