Friday, 19th August, 2022

Went to the optician’s today. Not been since 2019 or maybe even 2018. I need new glasses, mine are all scratched up horribly. I usually buy my glasses online as they’re much cheaper but today I decided to buy them in store. I tell myself it’s to support local businesses…even if they are 2+ times the price of online…but I wear them everyday and it’s nice to see and feel them before I buy them. I don’t tend to deviate from my glasses design but this time I’m slightly changing. Only slightly mind. They’re also plastic body and titanium legs, so they’re super light, and the nose is just the plastic of the lens body, so sit very nicely on my nose. I really don’t like the typical glasses nose support things, they’re comfortable enough, but they just get so minging! 👓

They use Nikon to make their lenses. I didn’t expect to be buying Nikon lenses this month though 😅 Does that mean I need a F100 again?

Not a peep from anyone on the Fuji body and lens though.

Also find myself still looking at M10/10-Ps 🤫

And I should really stop reading about the M11.

I should also stop watching YouTube, as all it serves up are endless gear videos where I learn about new things that I suddenly need. I’m just bored and lazy so I turn on YT. I watched a video about the MFT Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. It’s so tiny and a 150mm eq. for great teleportraits. I don’t need a MFT camera and that lens. Yes, it’s cool, and MFT is pretty nice and generally enough pixels for everyone but I don’t need another system. I Literally just bought a new camera. What am I doing?! I’m falling a bit behind on my ham radio training, so I should do that - it’s mostly videos anyway. But I can’t mindlessly watch it.

I miss simplicity. It pretty much had everything I need from a photo library and editing tool. It was also simple to use. However, I don’t have a mac, and I’m not buying one to just use it. Although I did like having the dedicated mac which was for photos, as when I sat down on it I did photos. Not like my main computer where I sit down and do all sorts of random crap. However, I don’t want more computers. I mean, I do, but I don’t. I have been wondering if I could use the iPad to manage everything, plus get the faces, icloud photos sync and simplicity.

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