Thursday, 2nd December, 2022

Work christmas do today. Was 12-4:30 which is surreal when you get outside. The entertainment was this guy dressed as santa who could absolutely belt out songs. He was incredible. He looked like you or I yet had an incredible voice.

Imagine if I spent £4,000 on books.

Really need to finish my family’s Christmas presents so I can post them. Not sure what I’m getting everyone and end up just getting stuff. Although edible things, so at least not adding to the clutter of this world.

I berate myself for playing computer games, as they’re “a waste of time”, and yet what do I end up doing? I tell you. Finding a never ending list of things that I could buy, then watching videos on them to justify to myself why I need to buy them.

The fuji 60mm lens is clearly not popular as mine has been for sale for ages. No-one even makes offers.

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