Monday, 7th November, 2022

Spent ages last night trying to work out why my Caddy reverse proxy wasn’t working with Home Assistant (via docker). Turns out that each docker compose file sets up its own network between the containers. Historically, I’ve just used one docker-compose.yml file for everything but this time I thought I’d try multiple ones for different use cases, e.g. smart home things, games, web sites, etc. which does work fine except then I need to manage the networks between them if I want them to communicate. As that seems unnecessary complication, I combined them all back into a single one and now it works just fine.

There has been a lot of configuration of home assistant which I need to write down somewhere else I’ll forget what I did.

But now I can see my setup anyway, and continue fiddling with dashboards and other stuff no matter where I am!

Caddy is very easy to use too. Much more so than nginx and especially more so than Traefik.

Thinking of setting up another ghost blog as a “ghost blog” 😅 to my main site to help me decide if I want to go all in or not.

Saw a video of a guy with a Fujifilm XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens on his X-E4. I’d have thought it would be ridicolus, but actually it wasn’t and now I want one. Fuji describe it as compact and lightweight, weighs 588g - not bad.

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