Saturday, 25th June, 2022

Took the M2 out today for the first time in a couple of months. My ColorPlus arrived this morning so it was good timing. Shot two rolls. I really like the 90mm, although I felt I was “shooting from the hip” with it today, so not sure how well focused or exposed the shots will be. I do enjoy using the lenses though. Does make me wish for a digital M Mount, so I get to use them more often. People adapter them to Fuji but I feel like it would be slow to focus as you have to use focus peaking or zooming in on the EVF (other than zone focusing which really only works outside with the 35mm). Part of the reason I went down the Leica CL was because its supposedly better for adapted glass, but I’ve not actually researched it properly to know. Maybe a few YouTube videos of people actually doing it should help.

This all makes me think I should determine what I like and want from using my cameras, and then finding a solution that helps that the most. Rather than jumping between $100 and $10,000 setups and everything between every hour.

But not now. It’s too late. 😴

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