Thursday, 29th December, 2022

I’ve setup my own private tiddlywiki on my server via node.js. I’m thinking of this being the centre of everything, even having these blog posts archived on it as well. It might be more than I can manage but I think it’s the best tool, the best interface, and one that can work for everything.

Not sure what I’ll do about my public wiki. Ideally it’ll become a subset of the main one either automatically or just manual drag and dropping of tiddlers. Alternatively, I’ll just scrap/freeze the wiki and write more here or in my other blog about things I find.

I chose node.js version as it means all the tiddlers are individual files, which means I could have some automation running on my computer to do stuff. Like make weekly tiddlers for me to fill in or add weather information or add these blog posts - pretty much anything. That’s for another day as I’m still figuring out how things should be structured in the wiki.

I also plan to have work things in it. That does mean I should probably move my logseq stuff into it. At least the important things. It made me realise that I don’t like putting notes in the daily page and linking to a topic as then when I look at that topic it’s just a bunch of dates. Going to follow along with GrokTiddlywiki, which conveniently is a basic work notebook.

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