Tuesday, 31st May, 2022

I’ve had this new site design for a month now. I like the design, if I do say so myself. Haven’t quite got the search working yet, not sure why the javascript seems to do nothing. Not really sure how to debug JS. I’ll be happy once I get all the old TW entries into here too. Didn’t work on that last night as still watching Stranger Things. Two more episodes left of this half, then wait until July 1st for the second half.

Today’s soup is brocoli and cheese. I thought it sounded horrible but it’s actually quite nice. 🥣 I ate all my snacks this morning and so this afternoon is going to be disappointing. Plus it’s pouring with rain, so I can’t nip to the shop.

I didn’t bid on the Sony NW-A45 that was ending last night. I don’t really need it…I should stop looking. An A55, with headphones, is ending this afternoon…I’ll look at it, although it’s more expensive still, but includes headphones so there’s that.

I asked my dad about his casette tape last night. Turns out his deck broke about 5-6 years ago. He says he might still have the tapes in the attic or he threw them away (he never throws anything away). Could’ve got him a player for christmas if he still has them. 🖭

I got looking tinto DACs for the computer, it’s been a while since I’ve looked. Ended up deciding that I don’t want it in the office and should get a portable one, so I can sit anywhere…outside, another room, etc. I don’t want to sit on the computer to listen to music, because I won’t listen to music, I’ll dick about on the computer with music on in the background. The question is do I need more headphones? I have some comfy Beyer dynamics DT770 Pro (I think). I use these on the computer. If I’m elsewhere then does that mean I need another set? I’m not going to travel with them that’s for sure. I guess some in-ears is really the better option.

What a great ending to Volume I of Stranger Things 4, can’t wait until 1st July for the next one! 😃

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