Wednesday, 28th September, 2022

This thread looks fun to explore.. Well look at this from Amazon.

Maybe I’m tired but I just spent the whole evening doing nothing. I always complain about not having enough free time to do everything I want, and then I just waste it all.

I also feel like I’ve forgotten what all those things are that I was going to do.

Bought a new server though. Prebuilt, ex-business machine - impossible to beat on price I feel. HP ProDesk 400 G7 I think it was. Current one is actually quite old, and this is a 10th gen intel, which supposedly idles at 5W. Be an opportunity to sort out my server and services on it. Feel like I’ve been telling myself to do that for ages. It’s not big enough for the 4x hard drives I have in the current one, which is maybe a dumb move but at the same time a suitable server is more expensive. Maybe I could’ve built one myself though, anyway, too late now. Seemed like a good deal…😅

Keeping my eye out for a suitable 4 bay NAS/server for the hard drives to live in. I can just keep the existing machine for now.

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