Monday, 3rd October, 2022

Phil shared this list of ten rules. I also noticed: “Save everything — it might come in handy later.”

I did delete over 1.2 TB of TV shows last night. Those definetly won’t come in handy later. Sitting at around 5.1 TB of stuff. Thinking I could easily get away with a single 8 TB drive for the server. That shouldn’t be too expensive. Found this handy site which compares prices, although 8 TB drives might not be optimal from a £/TB metric. 8 TB isn’t quite SSD terriority yet, yes you can buy them, but for a pretty penny. Maybe I could do 2x 4 TB SSD but think I’ll leave those for a while. Probably I could do one 4 TB SSD as I just got a 1 TB NVME for the boot drive. The SSD would be nearly max to start and that doesn’t seem sensible.

I used to chase bigger storage to keep everything. Now I want to trim it all down to bare minimum.

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