Tuesday, 16th August, 2022

Somehow I’d not set the date and time correctly on the X-E4. I paired it with my phone and it asked to set the time from it, but I didn’t really look and assumed it was correct. Was some random time in Feb 2021. Had to do bulk EXIF editing to get the right date. The times are wrong but that’s not so bad, but the date would mess things up otherwise.

I made a few colour profiles on the camera and I quite like one of them…the only problem is I’m not quite sure which one it was and what all the settings where! Maybe I can see them in the camera when I inspect an image? I think the desktop fuji app allows you to save and load custom profiles from the computer? I also did some tests with Clarity on and off (with it on it takes the camera significantly more time to process the image). I sort of like it but undecided. It’s probably better to leave it off and apply in post if I really want it…Anyway I should figure it out and line them up. I’m not sure if I liked the pictures and colours because it was a lovely sunny day and pretty much anything looks nice with lots and lots of light.

I listed the 35mm and the X-T2. Annoyingly some scammer “bought” the X-T2 and tried to get me to send my paypal email or something but ebay had already blocked their account before I could even do anything…which is good…except my camera “sold” and whilst I can cancel the sale and not pay any fees, if I relist it then I don’t get the seller’s fees discount that I was getting from listing it yesterday. 😡 I’ll put it on a forum and see if I get any interest. I find it okay to buy something you want (if there is anything) but generally slow to sell anything. Plus everyone low balls all the time. eBay, whilst annoying, generally gets stuff shifted quicker and for a better price. Although I still don’t like it.

I’m way behind on my photos website. Probably have about 15 albums to go through and upload. I even think that my last set of films to be developed still haven’t had their exif data set. It’s just overwhelming…well a few too many steps. I was going to sort out something after Apple Photos but never did anything. I can’t tell if Apple Photos helped me, or I was just being good and sorted stuff when it came in. I want to share the photos but it’s a chore. I’d wondered about making a “high volume” apple photo stream, just adding a few people and then loading ~20 photos from each album. It’s not that many, maybe everyone else wouldn’t care, particularly if it was a single share…maybe I should’ve got a replacement mac mini to manage the photos! I should should Lightroom as I have it, and manage the photos in the library that way, even if I don’t do any editing, or minimal editing. I don’t know. I just can’t be bothered. I don’t want to use flickr or whatever as I want it to be my domain. I like the static site, it just takes a bit of effort. I’ve also been through this cycle before where I paid for hosted piwigo and uploading things there - the uploading was easy but the gallery and style weren’t great. Maybe I’ll spend the whole evening looking at the same things I’ve looked at in the past and not know what to do. I also miss a little the all photos in iCloud and all devices. Just felt £7/month wasn’t great value given I don’t have a mac and iCloud drive was a bit awkward.

This falls into the “if I had more time, I’d enjoying doing it, but now it feels like a chore and I resent it”. Unfortunately darkroom development currently falls into that bucket, even when I wince at the price to develop at a lab.

Bought an IUFOO hood from ebay for my 90mm Tele-Elmarit as it can flare badly in bright light. It’s an older model so hopefully still works for me.

Home Gallery seems quite interesting.

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