Saturday, 21st May, 2022

The PCBs for the Ferris Sweep arrived today. They’re a lovely shade of blue. Not sure when to build it. Tonight?

Trying out DigiKam for photo organisation. It looks like software that you need to watch several videos about to understand how it all works. There’s a big manual but it’s big… I left it detecting faces but I think that I should’ve limited it to a small subset of the photos. It also seems like you detect faces (as in here be a face vs. a plant), name a few, then re-run it or I suppose retrain the model. We’ll see how it goes. It’s certainly not lacking features, just it might be overwhelming.

Another glorious day here. 😎

I want to go back into my journal and see if there’s reasons why I bought the mac mini in the first place. Perhaps I just “wanted it” but I think there was some reason. There was certainly having another computer to use when my daughter is on the main one. It also might’ve been my thoughts of learning javascript (and how I couldn’t do that with just an iPad - actually I could). Funnily enough buying the computer did not result in me learning JS… 🙄

Why is it so easy to think of new things I want to buy? It seems impossible just to be without having to buy something.

Gravity Falls is hilarious.

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