Wednesday, 5th October, 2022

Listening to another Talk Python podcast episode about this guy called Rhet Turnbull and the little python mac app he made. The whole episode is great both technically and just listening to Rhet. I feel like he’s done what thousands of geeky girls and boys want to do - learn to program by tinkering about on computers as a kid, does engineering, then goes and works at Space Force! 🚀 But maybe that’s just me.

Also RUMPS for you mac users. (Ridiculously Uncomplicated macOS Python Statusbar apps in case you’re worried.)

I got my bill for my second month in with Blot today. I’m still really liking it. It’s hardly any different from this static site in terms of making new entries and saving/committing them, but I’ve not really had the desire to make my own site. I’ve not even bothered looking at theming on it, and I really love that fact. The default is plain but functional and I like the plainness. That extra little hurdle to learn how it’s put together and what I’d need to do to edit the theme is enough to keep me away, so that I have no choice but to accept the default. I tried that with static sites, just downloading someone elses and using it as is. I could never do it though, I always wanted to change something. I suppose my blog doesn’t have comments. I could easily turn on Disqus or commento from the admin panel, but I don’t like disqus and I don’t have or want to pay for a commento server. And you know what? I don’t care that there aren’t comments or that people can’t comment. I do like interaction and so I am making it harder for people if they have to go rummaging for my email and send me something but there we go. I have got a few draft posts I’ve started but not quite finished, and this probably reflects the one issue I have with blot, which is that dropbox is annoying for me to access from work. This means that during lunch or some downtime, I can’t really and easily edit my text files. I can still do it on my phone but I like using a keyboard. It’s not a big deal, and I’ve not especially researched alternative methods though. Plus I’ve been really busy at work that I’ve not had time to do anything.

My wife is at the Cher Show tonight. Say that a few times. Cher Show, Cher Show, Cher Show.

I feel like I’ve not been doing anything of note recently. Buying shit, or watching videos about more stuff to buy.

Yesterday was thinking about a new film camera to have for multiple films. I later realised I have another 35mm camera already…Minolta SRT100X with 45mm f/2…oops! Still want the Olympus RC 35 as it’s a tiny rangefinder, but finding a nice one is a hassle.

My wife has finished making a photobook that covers from about Feb 2021 until Aug/Sept 2022. Has about 210 pages and over 1000 images. Not sure how many but the app we use to make it defaults to 1000 images max - you just up the settings and it works. It’s a java app to build the photo book then you upload it to their website to print. I used them for my photo book of my grandfather’s slides. It’s not ordered yet, but looking through the preview online, it’s lovely seeing all the images from the past 18 months, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. We all sit round and look through it together. It’s my real driver for taking all the photos. I do like the gear and collecting and that aspects but to capture the moments of our lives and then enjoy them together is the best part.

I’m not really interested in taking photographs of randoms on the street, or light falling on doors, or landscapes. However, I have noticed that my wife will put in one or two pictures of the surroundings and they go well with the people pictures. This does make me think I should try and take a few more of wherever we are. Those are probably harder to take as compared to people photos = even a bad photo of someone pulling a funny face is a good photo. Things like the castle we visit, or the street or park etc. I’m going to try.

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